Keil Road-Donald Black.
This CD was my first international online purchase. The computer took care of the currency conversion very nicely. Donald Black is a friendly Scotsman who developed the Highlander harmonica produced by Hornor Harmonicas. There are 11 tracks,slow airs and Piobroch,traditional Scottish bagpipes tunes. The Highlander is a 20 hole double sided tremelo keyed to A and D. Its tone is deep and mellow. The harmonica playing by Mr. Black is excellent. He is joined by several Scottish musicians including Aly Bain a well known fiddler. The Highlander was developed to allow bagpipe tunes to be played on the harmonica but no does not need to like the pipes to enjoy this CD. Mr. Black can be contacted at This site has Donald’s CDs and information about the Highlander harmonica. In US dollars I paid about 21.00 and feel entirely satisfied with the money spent.

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