I think it would be interesting to know what everyone is listening to. My favorite two are: Brenden Power,Irish Harmonica and Sam Hilton. I think I got the Hilton disk from Collectors Choice Music. Its one everybody should have.

I’ve spent many hours listening to Brendan Powers New Irish Harmonica. Great CD! If you enjoy the Irish music he is playing, check out Martin Hayes. No matter how good a harmonica player you are, Irish music will always sound best on the fiddle.

Beside that I listen to all the regular blues guys. Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, JB Lenoir, Tampa Red, Sonny Boy Wil. Little Walter, James Cotton, Jimmy Reed, Robert Johnson, John Hurt, etc.

Other than that some of my favourites are Joanna Newsom, Woody Guthrie, Bob Marley, Miles Davis and Armstrong.

Oh, and Adam Gussow, I have three of his albums, and they are all great!

Wow! Brendan Power! Besides Glenn Weiser, his was the name I couldn’t recall! Got it here! Cool Beans!

My wish list includes learning chromatic, and am hoping to get his music/books on those Irish tunes as well!

For my eclectic listening pleasures, I have:

Little Walter
Sonny Boy Williamson {Rice}
Sonny Terry (The Folkways Years)
Mike Stevens
Son House
and Bob Dylan!

In other music, I’ve been a big fan of Al Jolson since before I could remember. I go here for that:

Big fan of Glenn Robison and his Rapidly Rotating Records weekly radio show. I go here for that:

Also a big fan of Pandora radio. I go here for that:

Yes to everyone you mention except Dylan. I can not understand how anyone tolerates him.

“Living Legend” comes to my mind there, Tucson. But that’s just me. “Desire” and “Oh Mercy” are two of my fave BD albums.

Oh and I forgot to mention I also listen to the Harmonicats. My dad enjoyed watching them on like Ed Sullivan and other variety shows of the time.

Here’s living legend Jerry Murad doing his most famous tunes on Youtube:

Hope you enjoy!

My Ipod is full of Bob Dylan. And boy he has recorded enough songs to fill an IPOD.
The guy has got to be pushing 70…Don’t even want to think of him not being around…

Harp on!!

Don't even want to think of him not being around....

Two words Joe: Nailed It!

TYVM!! :wink:

Has anyone else heard John Gindick’s “We All Come Back as Music” album? It’s awesome!

Hope somebody has McManus. Maybe a link to some samples of the tracks might help; couldn’t hurt, eh?

IDK, maybe it’s karmic or deja vu or whatever, and don’t get me wrong here either, Jon is a great harmonica player for sure - But IDK, he still scares me! :’(

See ya! :slight_smile:

Street finally figured out TYVM… thanks to google…LOL…
McManus haven’t hear it yet thanks for the tip wrote it down will check out tmrw on itunes.

check him out on youtube a few years ago.