Change Is Gonna Come!

Howdy Folks, Ladies & Gents All!

Well mostly all…

Well mostly and quite less than all!

Meaning and to wit:

In my best efforts to keep this forum lean, clean and fun for our great people, while banning the weekly menagerie of idiot spammers, I began clicking on Members names.

I was sickened to find that many of these Members are fake and just made up.

Many of these ‘names’ are nothing more than multiple accounts using the very same IPs, hostnames, emails, etc.

I don’t know how or why this is happening. Or who, if anyone, is actually behind all of it – But this is SPAMMING! And it’s a false inflation of actual real Membership counts!

There are literally thousands of these throughout the Membership list!

So that we don’t have to enforce any sign-up restrictions like those Adam Gussow and The Slidemeister and others have had to do on their forums:

In OUR keeping this forum REAL, for REAL People, I am now in the long arduous process of removing these fake names and such from the Members logs.

Just giving you a head’s up, as I believe as you should, that having a few 1,000 real or so live harping fans, enthusiasts, students, etc. is better than 9,000 + made up ones!

I’m still here! I’m still working on the forum and playing my harmonicas!

Hope you’re doing good yourself!


Thanks for reading!

Keep On Harpin’!

by all means keep it real.

Thanks, G-Man!

I’m finding as I’m going through all of these fake names/accounts that many of them have the same IPs, emails, etc. Am figuring they were created by account registering bots! >:(

Guess people/bots have nothing better to do than spam this fine forum with their junk! :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I should’ve been more on top of this; but like you and our other real members, I learn something new here every day! :slight_smile:

And as far as getting rid of spamalots, better late than never, eh?! ;D


Rock on, yo!

I had become curious in the last couple months about the number of members, but seemingly, fewer and fewer posts. I thought that as much interest that had been generated here that the number of posts would rise expotentially to the number of members. Good to see you’re on it.
Keep It real Broheme

As Usual great job SPD

Harp On!!

Keep It real Broheme

Thanks for them kind words there, Broski!

Perhaps because our fine fellow harpsters and harpsterettes here are honest and don’t have time for bullshit – Well, I’ll be honest and say I completely overlooked the reason why the membership list seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

And here, I thought it was because of all our pretty faces! :-* Mwuahahahaha!

But yeah, not to say many new members are on the up and up…And that’s great! But really, man, so many others are just faked and inflated. Shame, really! :-[

So I’ve been working on clearing out as many spam accounts as I can. If anyone clicks on the Membership list, they can see the ‘real’ number so far.

And too, on another good note, one of our newest harpin’ pals “Panama Scott” posted a link to his most recent jam:

For some reason, it has to be cut & pasted into the browser; but Mister Scott provides a whole jam album in the link. I’ve been listening to it all day! :slight_smile:

And as I know you’re a good ole boy southern rocker yourself, I’m sure you’ll like it too! :wink:


My thanks again Pete, JF, G-Man, and everyone’s support by keeping this forum a nice place to visit in our little corner of the vast and mighty Harmonica Universe!


Have fun!

Keep On Harpin’! 8)

Thanks for keepin it clean round here SPD! Not been postin cause I’ve been stuck in a rut! I bought a lesson book that arrived yesterday. I think I am workin things out. I hope!
I’ll keep pokin my nose in just to keep up!

By whom, if I may be so bold to ask?! ::slight_smile:

Gindick’s Rock N’ Blues Harmonica! He is holding a fundraiser in May in Tutwiler Mississippi to raise money for a community health clinic.
It is amazing all the blues festivals that’ll be going on around me in the next two months. So much fun, so little doe! gonna do what I can! Next weekend the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale Mississippi. Can’t wait! Adam Gussow supposed to be playin there!

Cool, PB!

I absolutely love Jon Gindick. He’s a very nice person.

Well, truth be told, his vids actually scared me way back when. He just seemed to be rockin and rollin like he was on more than harp juice…if you get my drift, wink, wink! Hehehehe! For that reason, I opted going the JP Allen route in learning harmonica all over again. And it all worked out too!!

Thing is, last holiday season, while in the Harmonica Country website, there were some link clips of JD. So I decided to give him another shot…{Well I was doing shots at the time as well; so it took the edge off; but TMI?! Hehehehe! Anywho…} Am so happy I did…taking my shots and giving him another one that is. Mwuahahahaha!

He really is fun and a good teacher.

So I ordered the Rock 'n Blues Harmonica from Amazon; then from his site, I ordered Bluesify Your Melodies and a couple other CD courses. Thing is, there was some big mix-up somewhere, and my order from him was delayed – like 3 weeks or so.

Jon emailed me personally; he apologized and said he would take care of it. A week after that, I had my order and he included a few other courses, as well as his “We All Come Back As Music” CD!

Wow, man! Jon Gindick like JP Allen is/are real harpin’ gems in my book!!

I’d like to meet the guy at one of his jam camps out there in Mississippi one day.

As far as Adam goes – His youtube vid school as well as his popular blues forum are really happening places in their own rights!

And he’s another gentleman I’d like to meet up with sometime somewhere!

Well, never say never!

Hope you have lots of fun! Keep us posted!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Just to notify you, I am indeed a real person!

Am just sayin’!



You wouldn’t believe how many I’m finding who aren’t!

Being able to see information in these accounts - don’t know how many I found that have such things as for emails and such!

Not to mention all the bippidy_bobbiddy_boo bullshit names and crap!

I don’t know how it ever got so far out of control…But something will need to be done soon enough to keep the integrity of this forum good for you and all our fine folks here!

SPD Looking Out For Everyone (Real!) 8)

Howdy friends. I’m still here; though I don’t get to post so often now.
BUT I do check the mail somewhat frequently and try to keep up.
Thanks for the house cleaning Spud. I’ll be getting back on more frequently soon, I hope.
Gotta get…


Oh, you’re good by all means, BB!

As are most of our fine fellow harpsters and harpsterettes here as well!

While it’s not necessary to post anything, and I do watch activity here, everyone’s more than welcome to visit and hangout anytime!

Thing is, in the past few days, I’ve discovered a large minority of peep accounts who aren’t up to snuff or even kosher at that!

I can’t/won’t go into the details of everything I/we are/will be doing to weed out these bad seeds, bad apples, and whatnot – But let’s just say…er um, well, I’ll keep you posted! So:

Keep Smiling!

Keep Having Fun!

Keep On Harpin’!

Howdy Folks!

For those regular and semi-regular visitors, as you may/will note, the membership count on this forum is readily declining. And that’s a good thing!


Well many hundreds, if not thousands of them are just sheer bogus and bullshit sign-ons. And they are being banned/deleted as fast as I can humanly get through them.

This is a tedious if not boring-to-tears task –

However, not to impose such registering restrictions as Adam Gussow, Slidemeister, and others were forced to do on their sites – But rather to maintain the integrity as well as a safe, fun place for all real members, then getting rid of all the fake/phoney deadweight must and is being done here.

As I monitor our great forum and meeting place – I know we have many wonderful guests coming through virtually every minute of every day reading through our conversations, clips, and whatever else we can offer you. Everyone’s welcome to be sure!

While it’s true anyone who has a legitimate real account doesn’t have to post anything – You’re still encouraged to just say hello in the Introduction section if you care to!

However though, in registering for a membership account, it doesn’t give anyone anywhere the go ahead to sign up with a bogus/fake/useless account. And/or multiple accounts and so on. For that, you’re not welcome and by all means take it on down the road. Oh, and don’t let the cyberspace door hit you on your stoopid ass when you do!!

Everybody else –


Thanks for reading!

Keep On Harpin’!

SPD Looking Out For You! 8)

Keep up the good work bro!


I’m glad we have a good guy, that accually gives a damn, lookin out for us!

Aww, golly shucks, BT and PB…[glow=red,2,300]:-[[/glow]

You guys know just what to say and how to make somebody like me feel: WANTED! [glow=red,2,300] :)[/glow]

Peace & God Bless Ya’ll! [glow=red,2,300]:-*[/glow]

I am real, even if that photo was taken of me when I was younger (last year)!

I’m here for the harmonica chit chat, to improve and to share some knowledge. No one knows everything about this sometimes fiendish instrument!

I have a Jon Gindick book & CD called 'Bluesify your Melody". I like it a lot & find it very useful.

I for one have never doubted your reality, Mr. Thomas! Hehehehe!!!

And I absolutely thoroughly enjoy Gindick’s “Bluesify” book/cd as well…

I can’t say that all the songs are winners in it…Many just don’t interest me.

I wish too he would do a more modern follow-up, as he’s done with some of his other books/cds.

But for my investment, JG is ‘The Man’ for learning cross-harp melodies to be sure!


Keep On Harpin’!