cheap but effective harmonicas

Hey guys. this board is all about harmonicas that, while cheap, are very high quality and will last a long time. It is good for requests as well as new findings you would like to discuss. KEEP ON HARPIN!

to start with, i need to find a good harmonica in the key of c somewhere in Lexington Kentucky. anyone wanna help me out?

I’ve only ever purchased online, but I bet your local music store would have hohner harmonicas. The special 20 is about 30.00. I have the spc 20 in C and a Delta Frost in A. I’m on the fence between the two, but I think I like the special 20 better.

It’s nice to want to support your local music stores and all…But I’m sure they only carry the very least, absolute minimum of stock.

{Unless you’re in Kansas at Muscians Friend, or other great big discount music outlet, then of course, it’s all completely different! :wink: }

But both my local music stores had the cheap made in China Hohners for people who don’t know anything - for gifts and stock stuffers etc.

When they told me they could special order things, at a big cost - I told them I go online; then the clerks said they do that too!

I still like my Piedmonts. Just sold my second unused boxed set to a gent across town. I got it for under $25; but for my doing all the tuning and gapping he paid $35. Was worth it for both of us! :slight_smile:


I’m betting you’d find some decent hohners here.

Guitar Center Lexington
3801 Mall Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

Street Dude, the discount operation at Musician’s Friend closed a little over a year ago.
They still have there warehouse here. If I order something in the morning, it’s on my doorstep, the next day.

I’ve been through a lot of harps since I started about two years ago. Golden Melody, Hohner Blues Harp, Promaster, FireBreath, Manji, Lee Oskar, Hohner Blues Band, Hohner Pro harp. All these harps have their qualities, but the Hohner Blues Harp is a very clear favourite. I don’t know why I like this harp so much, but when I play the very responsive and fat toned Firebreath and switch to the Blues Harp, it’s like I’m freed up. There’s more room for mistakes, it’s just something very dirty and down-to-earth about that harp.

It is only 22$, so very affordable.

Off-topic: How is the Hohner SP 20 compared to the blues harp?

haung star performers are the best cheap harps ive found i love em last a long time,are about 12$ you can tweak em up,or play em out of the box,and they overblow.

Yo God!

How is the Hohner SP 20 compared to the blues harp?

Besides pricing, the one is quality made in Germany, the other mass produced in China.

As I mentioned in another post, the best made in China Blues Band International harmonica I ever played - is the one that’s still in the box!

But everybody likes what they like!

Enjoy and have fun always!

Peace & SPD Out!

The blues band is not the same as the blues harp. I have seven blues bands as well, and they are absolutely horrible to play!

Yo McManus - MFrs are really good.

Here’s some interesting package deals I found over there:

Now before God jumps in on me before I had a time to read it ::slight_smile: as I’m writing this, let’s look a little deeper here –

How is the Hohner SP 20 compared to the blues harp?
If this is the Blues Harp above you're referring to, well here's the comparisons on that:

The difference is the Blues harp is the same as the Big River seen here:

Why are they the same? Because they use the same MS Replacement Reeds, seen here:

This means if you have one - The Blues harp uses a wooden comb; the Big River uses a plastic comb - you don’t really need the other unless you actually want the same thing on two different combs. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, you also have to be sure you don’t get one of these older Blues Harps:

I have one with the itsy-bitsy 8 screws in it. I still can’t find a screwdriver small enough to open it. >:(

So if you get the ones with the single screws, like Golden Melody, you can swap out the MS plates. :slight_smile:

Since I like my Big Rivers and Special 20s - It all boils down to how and what I feel like playing at the time.

Shout Out To God: I did read your posts; and while I’m modifying this, I’m glad we have all this straightened out! Thanks! :wink:

Stop looking for Hohners >:(
Start of with a Suzuki ;D (I’am a Happy Suzuki Sucker)

The Suzuki Folkmaster is a cheap but good instrument, going up in range you will find the Harpmaster and Bluesmaster.

A good On-line adres in the USA is

Have Fun, John

I’m happy somebody, perhaps lots of somebodys like them, SS!

Ma Belle Christelle seems to be pretty big on them too! But I’m not jumping in yet to get any, as I’m still waiting for Harmonica Santa to get me a couple of these:

See ya! Keep on Harpin’!

That’s strange, because that means it should be the same as the Pro Harp MS as well? But that harmonica is nothing like the blues harp. Maybe I just got a bad one?

I sent a mail to Hohner asking for the difference now, I’ll make sure to post the answer here :slight_smile:

SuzukiSucker, I have Suzukis too, and the FireBreath is truly something special. I didn’t like the Manji all too much, but the FireBreath is really something! It’s great for playing amplified, because it’s very airtight and easy to cup. Gives a very fat and nice tone :slight_smile:


And I can vouch for the store you’re linking to. I’ve bought all my Suzukis from Rockin Ron, great customer service and he ships out the same day you order. Worth checking out!

That's strange, because that means it should be the same as the Pro Harp MS as well? But that harmonica is nothing like the blues harp.
Ok God, you lost me - ???

Not that that’s anything new for You! hehehehehe!

Didja or didja not get this Hohner Blues Harp, with the MS on it:

If so, then the only MS Replacement Reeds they make are for both this harp and the Big River harp:

So if it’s a choice as to whether you want a cover/comb style versus another one -
that’s the only differences I see here.

And too, Hohner likes to put the words “Blues & Harp” together on lots of their products only because most people don’t really take the time to research and look at what they’re really getting – Until it’s too late; because there are no exchanges once it leaves the store(s).

Am speaking from experience as I’ve had with Hohner stuff.

Maybe I just got a bad one?
And so then what "bad" one did you get?!

Just wondering…

Dear God:

I did a little deeper searching, cuz that’s just the kind of guy I am. ::slight_smile: hehehehe!

But here’s what I found out over at C2C:

So if you or anyone has anything in the Hohner Modular System (MS) family of harps, well, basically it’s all the same reed plates with different covers and stylings - And most of all price!

Hope this helps to clarify the situation! :wink:

Peace & SPD Out!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess the combs and coverplates has a lot to say then, or maybe I just got a monday harp, because the Pro Harp MS was no fun to play at all! I bought it in Bb, and it was no good. Bought a Blues Harp in Bb a bit later and it great to play.


Bought a Blues Harp in Bb a bit later and it great to play.

And me hears the angels a’singing everytime you do, laddie!

Keep on harpin’! 8)

I started with a Hohner Blues Harp, key C it’s OK, but the wood comb stinks. can’t get the smell out. Probably had alot to do with my drooling and extra spit when I first started. Then I saw Buddy Greene play using a Golden Melody. Got one of those in C, really don’t like that harp. Requires to much air. Then I bought Lee Oskar. Now those were alot easier to sound. I have six of those. But they are to thick for my liking. So, I splurged on a Seydel from RockinRon’s. I found my harp! Got 8 of those and 2 of them are Beta 1, set up by Ben Bowman over in Holland. Supper harp absolutly love them. I need more!!
Christellester also plays Seydel harps. It really depends on you and what YOU want, doesn’t matter what other play. It’s what you like.
Gotta go,Later!!!

I don’t know why But I just love them GM’s I have in all the keys, and it definitely is my every day harp.
I wonder if there is anyone out there who customizes them.

I might try one of them customized.

I guess to each is own on that.

Harp on!!