cheap but effective harmonicas

Howdy JF!

Yay! Meaning I found for you what I was looking for! :-*

Okay, I like both Rupert and Jimmy; they each work on GMs. And it doesn’t hurt to ask either of them about their offerings. Have fun, eh?! Keep on Harpin’! :wink:

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Jim’s DIY Harp Workshop 1 - Gapping

Joe, what’s the difference in the tuning GM to Special 20?

Hi McManus,

I don’t beieve there is anything different in the tuning, just the way there shaped is the big obvious difference,
but for some reason I just like the way it plays for me, I have a couple special 20’s and I use them
but I always go back to the Goldens 8)

So I guess if I’m gonna have a favorite for me its GM. Personal preference…

I think I found where I’m going to get my next Golden Melody from.

check this out Joe Spiers customizer for golden melodys ;D

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The GM is tuned equally. That means that the difference in frequency between the tones is always the same, while on other harps they are tuned slightly different from tone to tone in order to fatten up the chords.

;)HMMMMMM I got a lot to learn, so much to learn it’s gonna take me a lifetime
to learn this little instrument. ;D


Harp on!!

Cool stuff, whiskat :wink:

I’m considering purchasing the Pignose 20 amp (about $120) and a Bottle 'O Blues microphone. This will be my first foray into playing with amplification. Do you think that these are good selections?.. would you advise a different product in similar price range? Thank you!

Howdy Greg!

I’ll be getting my first taste of amplification too, virtually the very same way you are:

I contacted Jim McBride and said I’d like a set of his BOB mic and Smokey Amp. Something I can take along with me on my bike, down by the river, into the woods, all them good places.

He wrote back saying he has a great set all picked out for me. So I’m putting in the order this weekend to hopefully get it sometime during the middle of next.

In the words of Fearless Leader JP Allen: “I’m stoked!”

I’ll let you know how everything turns out, and hope to hear from others on their experiences with this equipment also!


Keep On Harpin’!

I think the smokey amp might be a very good choice, but you also have the Roland Micro Cube worth checking out. It has a lot more effects! Here’s a video where I show them:

Please excuse the bad English!

I got the bottle of blues set up, it’s not bad I guess it all depends what your gonna do with it ???

I got my eyes on a roland cube amp for the effects and the ability to plug my ipod into it.

And to go with that I want obviously a mic but not sure which one I think probably something
that has a volume control on it. Any suggestions there :-\

All down the road.

Harp on!!

The Suzuki Folk master is a nice inexpensive harp"

The Suzuki Easy Rider is a cheaper harp… nice but not as good.

Most “cheap harps” (i.e. under $10) can be good for playing in first position but I’ve never found one that is really solid for bending second position style.

On the topic of harps that are not cheap… I just tried the Suzuki HarpMaster and really liked a lot.

And the new Suzuki Manji which is an expensive harp retailing at around $64 just kicks butt.

So why all the posts about Suzuki? I just got my hands on a bunch of 'em and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!


I hear conflicting reports, but does anyone know for sure if the suzuki harpmaster and the bushman delta frost are the same harp?

I’m thinking of buying the Suzuki Promaster for my next harmonica, and of course I’ll let you all know what I think of it.

Hey greg,
I’ve got a suzuki promaster and I love it. really tight.
I’ve tried other makes and I found some a bit leaky, so I thought I’d try a Suzuki.

I was gonna get a promaster valved, but a friend who has one sez after awhile playing, some of the valves tend to stick, so he took the valves out, he’s happier with it now :slight_smile: so I thought I’d give one a blast :wink:

gregmatic – I’ve heard a bunch of different things on the Delta Frost/Harpmaster thing too. The best I can conclude is that I they are not the same harp, but quite similar. I’ve had both Bluesmaster and Harpmasters, and they’re both good, inexpensive harps.

I like the Promaster, and have basically made that my harp. Good, solid construction, full-length cover plates, availability of replacement reed plates and I just like the sound.

I’m exploring the possibilities with a valved model too. Pretty early into it, but I like what I can do so far. No problems with the valves yet.

I have a hap in key of A and one in C. Do you think I should get the promaster in G or D? Which would be more useful.

I can’t steer you for sure on that. I’m playing solo, so I don’t need to fit in. The stuff I’m doing to backing tracks in Irish tunes uses a D more. Blues stuff I’m working on is more G.