Child-safe but playable harmonica for 4yr old?

A friend of mine plays dulcimer and does Middle Eastern dance, so is very interested in encouraging her kids to make music. She mentioned that her 4yr old daughter was really entranced with an older playmate’s toy accordion, one of those little $20 7-button diatonics made by Hero, Schylling, etc.

I’ve owned several toy accordions, and had several fitted out with proper reeds (the Irish Dancemaster workshop does this mod), but suggested that for a 4yr old, and with even younger kids in the house, the keys and bellows might get damaged pretty quick. I suggested instead a harmonica, and I had a mental picture of a harmonica I had as a kid, which I vaguely think was Fisher Price, maybe eight holes, and a rather fat plastic dealie with all rounded edges, no easily removable small parts, etc.

Can anyone recommend such a harmonica that’d be safe for a house with small children? Something where a nut isn’t going to come off the cover, no sharp edges, etc. I know there are some cheapie translucent plastic harmonicas that are solid plastic, so those are an option, but if there’s something specifically made to be kid-safe (not just cheapie offshore plastic), plays at least okay, and maybe something big/clunky for clumsy little hands, that’d be great.

I found one thing that, though not quite what I had as a kid, seems pretty suitable:

Hohner Play & Learn, looks to be smooth, big and fat, etc. Not sure if the only one-octave range would be limiting, or a non-issue at age 4. It’s a little hard to tell what it’s size is, but it rather looks like it’s made to be easily played one hole at a time?

Has anyone given these to any kids, tried one out themselves, any opinions?

Howdy MV!

Well I ain’t no father, but I’ve been called a mother f…trucker more times than I care to admit! Hehehe!!

As far as harps for kids go, a Hohner Little Lady 4-holer may be okay; but supervision still might be necessary.

JP has a children’s DVD in his bundle; David Harp has a book or two on the subject; and our good friend Wanderin WILF has a website just for them here:


Keep On Harpin’!

United Arts Education stores carries a $4.95 harmonica made by something like Real Good Toys or something like that. They’re different colors and the cover plates are plastic.

I don’t know how good they are, but I bought 1 for each of my 3 kids just to let them pound away on it. My kids are 2, 4, and 12.

Try here…
Scroll to almost the bottom. There are several to choose from.

How about this one?

I don’t know anything about it… just happened to see it while I was shopping there the other day and thought it looked interesting.

I can vouch for RockinRon’s, too. I ordered a set of harps Monday and was blowing on them yesterday! Great prices and free shipping.

Little Lady would be a choking hazard. I recall somebody’s kid, after being given a harmonica, attempted to make music on a bottle of bleach, or somthing like that. Kids…, best to stay away from 'em, they’re dangerous.

Don’t be scared! I’ve raised two of them, Kids aren’t that dangerous! LOL! :smiley: