Choking reed

I was playing the harmonica just now and then, suddenly, hole 4 drawn just choked. I drew the air a little stronger and it “unchoked”, making a weird sound, like I had removed something from the inside. This happened with another hole, 6 drawn, yesterday. I think it could be saliva, but I am not sure. Do you guys have any idea?

Sounds like a case of this, Pedro –!/

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Keep On Harpin’!

Choking the reeds is just something that happens. I often practice making this happen, because it’s the first step towards making an overblow. It’s all about how you shape the airflow in your mouth. You have probably just shaped it wrong without being aware of it, choked the reed and the pulled it back into vibration by using force.