Choosing a harp (not a brand question)

Im going to order nex week, just thinking which to try first Harpmaster or Bluesmater…

Flip a coin. If it lands:

Heads – Harpmaster

Tails – Bluesmaster

On its Edge – Get them both!

Rock on, yo!!

Fourth Option: Falls down street sewer manhole – try another instrument!


Yeah!! :smiley:

Gotta read the omens, man!! :wink:

Mwuahahahaha!!! ;D


ROFL You guys rock!!! 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I ended up with Promaster. In the key of A, going to give it back and get me a C…

The Key of A is good for blues, man!

Should get the C as your next harmonica!

“Have Harp(s), Will Travel!” 8)

Yeah i know, but as JP says most of the instruction videos are in C.

Yeah, most of the instructional videos are. In fact, I’d say all.

P.S. Street player, I prommise to get me an A later :slight_smile:

I bet you’ll end up with a hole set - Later!
you’ll get “GAS”, we all do. :slight_smile:

Well im planning to learn first hehethe when it’s worth it I’ll get a few more…eventually :slight_smile:

And some of us get GAS REALLY BAD…lol


Hehe, I hope I would be able to keep it in normal stages…

P.P.S. It seems I would stay with the A :frowning: The store I bought from doesn’t have a C, very professional isn’t it? Going to play with it till I order a Bluesmaster in C, from Rocking Ron’s. Do you guys have any suggestions how to start playing it?

First get JP’s free lessons then learn to hit single notes, next learn a few songs in first position, then learn a few songs you like, and practice first position scales up and down till you can do it in your sleep and your wife threatens you with your life or divorce (if the latter is a good thing, play louder).
When you can do this it’s time to look at bending.
Caution! First you possess a harmonica, then it possesses you!
This will get you started, it will end quickly or take over!
Good Luck!

Thanks, it’s really helpful! Is it possible to take JP’s course with the key of A harmonica? Or are there any instrumental video for it?

Yes you can use an A harp instead of a C, just realize it won’t sound the same (have the same pitch) as what you are hearing, yours will be a lower tone. Also, when it comes to any play along sections you will be out of key with the music, but there is plenty to learn from the lessons. Correct
embroucher, hitting single notes, breathing and much more.

JP’s lessons will come with two C harps that will get you started but you will need to get a better harp when it comes time to learn to bend.

Well Nick –

Don’t get all hung up over whether you have an A or C or G or F harp to start with…

As Barry and other members here will say: Just play!!

Jerry Portnoy and some other instructors teach using the key of A harmonica.

Yet if you are investing in JP Allen’s best-selling world’s favorite home harmonica course DVD bundle, then you’ll find out soon enough you’ll have plenty of cool lessons where the A harp is used too!!

So you’re already ahead of the game on that one!


Good Luck!

Keep On Harpin’!