Chromatic harmonica

HI everyone! I’ve been thinking of buying a chromatic harmonica, so I wanted to ask you if you have any good harps you would like to recommend or something.

I have looked at the harmonica Hohner Chromonica II (2) (270/48) to the price of 1 230 Norwegian Kroner. (about 210. US dollar)

So what do you think?

Methinks this is the best place to learn about chromos hands down:

Dude is right. It’s also the best place to seach for a used harmonica.

Thank you Street Player Dude! :slight_smile:
I believe I will go for the Hohner Chromonica II but I will check out that page before that. Though I don’t think i’m going to buy it before after a while.

My uncles were in WWII and played chromatics (no idea what kind). So even before I began learning how to play, I searched online to find what I thought would be the “last” chromatic I would buy, could learn on and keep forever. I landed upon the Hohner Chromatic Gold CX12 (here’s the link: It’s beautiful, easy to maintain, Hohner has a great warranty/maintenance program and it’s WAY above my league. I bought it, but am learning the Hohner Special 20 and the basics before I attempt (again) to approach the chromatics. But man do I love looking (longingly) at my CX12!

Papadodt, are you from Norway?

Yes, i’m from Norway. How come?

I’m from Norway too! Which city are you at? Bergen here.

Nice! Norheimsund her!

Cool! That’s just nearby! Give me a message if you’re ever going to Bergen and want to meet up for a little harp-talk :slight_smile:

Sounds like the makings of a cool Smorgasbord Harpin Band there it does!! Hehehehe!! :slight_smile:

Toss in a little Ree Co Lah with some Yore Ol Lady Too yodeling and rock on, dudes! :wink:

Mwuahahaha!!! :smiley:

Sure thing!