I bought a Hohner Chrometta because it was a reasonable price for a chromatic,(about 120 + taxes) But I think I would have been better to spend a little more and got a Hohner 270 Chromatic. I find the chrometta is a big mouthful and those large holes are not easy to block to get clean single notes. I also have trouble with those valves in there popping and there is one note in there that sounds like a tremolo, it vibrates without me trying. Anybody know how to fix those problems?I would appreciate some input. John

I own several chroms but none of the Chrometta line, however what you describe sounds like windsaver problems, the mylar (valves as you refered to them) may have completely or partialy come unglued. You can re-attach them with Super glue or Duco cement if possible, or they may need to be replaced, if ripped or torn.
Occasionally these “valves” bend away from the reedslot and need to be coaxed (if possible) back into position or again, replaced.
Replacement parts are available from Hohner, use Hohner Cshop as a search.
There was a gent in Las Vegas who offered self sticking windsavers, he has passed but his wife is still selling them last I knew. Search Bill Romel chromatic repair.
If you are in the market for a NEW chromatic, one of the best vendors I have dealt with here in the States is Jim Dyer out of Kalamazoo, you can also find him on ebay.
I didn’t find Jim on Ebay and don’t recomend Ebay as there is little customer service available, and usually no recourse for shams.
Good luck, oh by the way, here in Florida we try to avoid having someone take our picture while we are holding a Mudfish. :smiley:

Thanks for the advice. I think I can find a guy in Newmarket ,if I need to have it repaired. I’ve only had it for 1 month, and I was hoping t repair it myself. As for the mud fish, as you call them, they are an interesting fish with their armor plating around their head, It’s quite unusual to catch one in Lake Simcoe, so it’s more a novelty fish here. John from Canada

Re-gluing, or replacing windsavers is do-able task, if you are inclined. However, as you have stated, you have only owned the instrument for a month, I would recommend sending it back to Hohner for service/repair. And yes the Bowfin, Lungfish, Mudfish, whatever ya calls it is a primordial looking creature, and while I never angle for them in particular I have had the (mis)fortune of catching them while bass fishing. I wouldn’t think they are very good table fare.

Thanks again,Maybe that is a good idea to send it to Hohner for repairs. No those bowfins as they are known here are not good eating. However if you catch a so-called dog fish, as they are known here, you would take it home to eat, as that is really a freshwater tarbot, and used as a substitute for lobster dishes, Excellent table fare.Even though they look ugly and are slimy.John