I’ve noticed a lot of people on here saying the play with the church band, or" on the way home from church…", etc. So I’m curious. What range of churches are represented here - large, small, traditional, modern, etc?

I don’t want to hijack the site or make this a religious crusade or anything silly like that, and we’re all here to help and learn from each other. I’m just interested, that’s all. How does it influence your playing?

So I’ll start:

I’m a member of KingsGate Community Church - We joined in 1990 with 13 members, we now have nearly 2000. We’re a modern church with a very modern style (our eldest daughter is in the front row of the choir - telly special) -
KingsGate Live - That’s The Spirit - Part 01/08 - Kingsgate

I was brought up an Anglican (Congregational in the US, I believe) and do actually miss some of the tradition especially at Christmas.

No harps that I’m aware of though. Till now… :0)
What about you?


Here’s my church

Your praise and worship sounds much like my church.

It’s a non-denominational christian church.

My church started out with I think 8 families, It has a very strong commited 250 -300
membership now.

That’s fairly large for my area very rural not very many big towns close to me.

It’s a small town church but very much alive like yours

Harp On!!

My dad is a pastor at a tiny church (actually 2) in south central Nebraska. The one I go to has 'bout 60 on a Sunday, the other one has 15. Mainly traditional, moving towards modern. LCMS Lutheran is the denomination. I play sometimes for church, but not in a band.

I belong to Holmes Memorial Methodist Church. It is a small country church with about 18 members. Our preacher has a circuit of 3 churches to tend to each Sunday. Methodist Churches typically have a pianist or organist with a choir but our pianist arthritis in her hands made her have to quit, so one of the men volunteered to play guitar and he is very good at it. I have played twice for the church first time was great second time was the pits.

Great subject!

I actually pastor a small, rural/family Baptist church near Orlando, FL.
We have about 100-150 members and follow a traditional style service.
However, our music is somewhat eclectic. A youth group that sings contemporary,
a mens group that plays guitar and Southern Gospel that I am in, they have even
let me play the harmonica, tho it probably was painful, and many others.

I’m not religious, but when I see the great musical tradition that is preserved and kept alive in so many of todays christian communities, I sometimes wish I could join in with them.

Music used to develop at three different sets of locations. In the countryside, in bars and pubs or in churches. I have an impression that the latter is the last clear remnant of a continuously disappearing musical tradition, with the music of today being produced as projects rather than as a cultural phenomena, and bars mostly playing music from the radio.

Strange to think then that - particularly in the UK - music was banned in churches until the late 19th century. John Wesley said, “I have no problem with musical instruments being in my church - provided they are neither seen nor heard!” and yet we have such an amazing herritage and diversity. Whilst I love the new songs coming out (well - most of them anyway) I miss the great hymns, like “And Can It be”, “Oh for a thousand tongues”, and so on. We have some cracking blues and rock guys though. One jam we had the guitarist was going for it during an Elvis number and the top of the mic stand started to drop, so he had to follow it down and ended up on his knees. We had to stop playing cos we couldn’t stop laughing.

I would’ve loved to see that one any chance it was taped.

That’s classic especially because it was no doubt unintentional.

Funny stuff.

harp On!!

My mother was a Seventh Day Adventist and my dad was a Baptist. We were raised in Baptist churches. Currently I go to a very small Adventist church here in my community. When we had a pastor, we did a lot of contemporary music. His wife was a popular performer in Adventist circles and she has a couple of CD’s. He would play guitar and we’d sing or she would play the piano, either hymns from the hymn book or one of the songs she had written. Right now, we just do songs from the hymn book.

One of these days, I’m going to either take my guitar and play or, when I get good enough, I’ll play my harmonica. Since I’m the elder of the church, I’m kinda in charge so no one will tell me I can’t. They might beg me not to ever again afterwards. We’ll see.


I miss the old hyms too. I don’t know why church services seem to go one way or the other. I don’t see why they don’t do a comtemporary service with a hymn or 2 thrown in.

This is the church that I am a member…
I have played acouple times, I mostly like to play the old gospel songs.

Amen Bro and you know it! Don’t have to split…do both! Amen.
Oh and Whiskat…don’t worry…I ain’t religious either. I’m just in it to escape the fire! :wink: