OK, I have a set of Lee Oskar harps. “How”, and “How often” should I clean these? I play a little everyday. As yet, there doesnt seem to be any problems, I’ve had the set for 4 months.

Hello Stanbo!

We discussed some maintenance about cleaning harps here:

And while I used the Jason Ricci method:

How to Clean a Harmonica (Mongoose free method!)

With Oxi-Clean generic products, the same thing I put into my laundry -

Bill had recommended using denture tablets available in any drugstore.

Made perfect sense to me.

Have to let yourself be your guide here, my friend, as we don’t know how good or bad your Lee Oskars look, dude :o

But hopefully the above information will help!

Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

Hey stanbo,

How often you clean your harmonicas depends on how much you play. Cleaning a harmonica is not something people do everyday. I clean my harmonicas once every 3-4 months. And I generally only clean them if they don’t sound right.

To clean your harmonica, disassemble it by removing the covers and reedplates. Since Lee Oskars have a plastic comb, it is okay to clean the comb with water. I like to use an old toothbrush to clean the comb. Pay special attention when cleaning the reeds. They are VERY delicate. If you’re not careful, you could snag a reed. Use a soft brush for cleaning them.

After you’re done cleaning, dry everything with a hairdryer. Leaving it wet could cause rusting.

Some general tips on keeping harmonicas clean:

[ul][li]Don’t play while eating[/li]
[li]Avoid beverages while playing other than water[/li]
[li]Rinse your mouth with water before playing[/li]
[li]After you’re done playing, tap the harmonica on your palm (holes facing down), to remove excess saliva[/li]
[li]After you’re done playing, let the harmonica dry up for a few minutes before shutting it in its box[/li]
[li]Don’t let others play your harmonica unless you know their mouth is clean…(and you wouldn’t mind kissing that person!) ;D[/ul]

A little prevention goes a long way!