Comments please...

In a few days I will show up with this solo, so I recorded myself and I want you to give me comments to improve.
long train.wma - 0.32MB
Thanks (:

Well your clip requires I download the program to listen to it…

So unless somebody else has the same program, I can’t help you out here.

Good luck!

OK, try it now.

P.S- its my first solo, just bought it 2 weeks ago…

It’s till not working, now i really want to hear it.

Harp On!!

Phew! I thought it was me…

JF is correct: the clip still doesn’t work yet - and we really do want to hear it!!

Keep On Harpin’!


It works now! Yay!!

First time I listened, I didn’t know what to expect. I held off until hearing it again; upon replaying it 3x now, it gets better each time. Cool beans! Good job!

Rock on, yo!

Nice one Yuval it sounded good to me very nicely played.

very cool sounding riff

Harp on

Loved it dude!