Comments, Suggestions, Critiques? Slow blues, way amplified. Just learning...

After over a year of playing and practicing… well I realize how much more there is to learn. Anyways, I thought I’d toss this on the table as I have pretty much never played in front of anyone. So this is my first posting of anything I have played. I am just now learning about the 12 bars and the i-iv-v chord changes so I consider my self just beginning to learn even after a year of “playing” as it took me that long just to figure out the concept of the 12 bar blues and chord changes. So if you have any suggestions on how to improve and move forward I would appreciate it.

Yeah, and I realize I “lost it” in a few places, missed coming in on the beat, hit some less than desirable notes etc.
It was improvised, recorded as-is first run through. And, it was from the heart.

Oh, the backing track is called ‘Cafeteria Blues’ in D, played in 2nd position on a G Special 20 using a JT30 type mic.

Well i just came in to check in haven’t been here in a while.

TicaToodle that was some great blues playing my friend awesome.

Almost 5 minutes long…Pictured you up there on a smoky stage playing your
Blues Heart out for everybody.

That was great.

Happy Harpin

Aw, thanks Joe! 8) Funny, I recorded that several months ago, and listening to it again now it almost embarrassing. But I think that is a common thing for beginning harp players, especially when they make progress and then listen to previous/older recordings and saying to themselves - yikes! Ah, but all good fun, right?

BTW, I haven’t been around here in a while either. What happened to SPD?

Well done Tica, keep it up

Sounds Wonderful.

[quote=“TicaToodle, post:1, topic:3136”]
G Special 20 using a JT30 type mic.
[/quote]Nice. I know nothing about mics… is it this mic that gives that… is it an overdrive quality?

Hey good job.
Where did you get the backing track?


Hey thanks!

I’ve uploaded to a dropbox folder. Feel free to download. Enjoy.

Thanks Mr. Toodle!
That’s a great track to play with…with which to play…flashback
to Mrs. Shealy’s class…sorry.
Anyway, thank you again for the great sounding new toy.
Keep up the great work, son!
How long is it that you’ve been playing now?


Wait, I remember you said for over a year, right?
See, I haven’t completely lost control…yet. LOL


After listening to you and Robb, I feel like I should my harmonica out and bury it.
Great Job.

Ray :smiley:

I don’t care that no one has posted here “for at least 120 days”! That song had my head back, eyes closed, foot tapping, head swinging. Man I LOVE the blues and I loved that improv! Can’t wait to get that good! And I will get there!! I WILL!! :slight_smile: At least I keep telling myself that. Only been playing about 3 weeks give or take so it’s just getting started but I played an improv last night (Aug 31, 2014) that gave me the chills as I didn’t know I could do that. All from following just lessons 16 - 20 (course, I’ve done ALL of the lessons. :slight_smile: ) I can’t wait until I get through all 99 lessons tho I’m not going to push it - I wanna learn RIGHT and not have to try to unlearn bad habits!

GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! Totally enjoyed it! Thank you!