Common keys for minor tuned harps.

For Major tuned harps it seems like G,A,C and D are used quite a bit but minor tuned harps are something new to me. I saw in the Gypsy deal at the top that J.P. is using an Am Harmonic Minor so that’s the first one that I’ve ordered. I’ve also read that Dm and Gm in Harmonic Minor are used in Irish/Celtic so those would probably be next on my list.
What about the Natural Minor tuned harps? What are some popular keys that are used in those.
Guess we can throw the Melody Maker in here too. I love my A Major Diatonic, what’d be the equal in the Melody Maker since it’s sold in the 2nd Position key the E would probably be the A Major key in 1st Position, right? So I’d get a Melody Maker in E to be close to my A major harp? Anyway, great web site so far, having a lot of fun, learning some stuff and it’s nice to get back into playing harmonica again. Have a great 4th everyone.

So no one on the forum has any information about popular keys for minor and harmonic minor tuned harps. ???

Looks like I’m talkin’ to myself in this thread. ;D
I did find this Pitch Chart on the Lee Oskar web site.

which helps me figure out which Natural Minor and Melody Maker tunings I’d like in respect to my favorite harp, the A Major.

Well if you already knew the answers, whydja aks the questions?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously and no bullshit aside –

As questions about which harp to use in certain cases involving other harps that goes beyond simple cross harp, I defer to others who may be more knowledgeable in those areas.

And what’s wrong with talking to yourself? Nothing, I do it all the time!

See, so I’m not the only one!


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I did not see this thread…but here is my 2.5 cents.

I think Am is the most popular key for a Harmonica Minor, followed up by Dm.

Why? Well, it has some deal to do with relative minors and such, but I don’t like to get into that!

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So Dm Harmonic minor would probably be a good choice to go with my Am Harmonic minor. Thanks, that’ll probably be the one I’ll work on getting next. I’ll have a Dm Natural minor on the way when John sends out the Chromatic and other L.O.'s we traded on. From the chart that crosses over to a G Major harp, I love those low tone harps so I’ll probably like the Dm Natural minor a lot.

I’d like to get all the Lee Oskar harps that match up pitch wise to A Major. That’d be an E Melody Maker, Em Natural Minor and the Am Harmonic Minor that I’ve already gotten. I really like the key of A.

I do talk to myself but normally when I’m takin’ a dump and I need to figure something out,LOL. ;D

Talking to yourself is the best way to converse with someone on your own level!

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Really though, it seems like ideas are easier to process when you say them out loud so you can hear them rather than just “listening” to them in your head. Not sure why that is but it is.

Since I don’t play in a band or even with anyone else most of my playing is alone or with songs on the radio so I don’t have to have each and every key to keep up with a band.
That boils it down to keys that I actually like(like A) and keys that are useful(like C) with a couple others thrown in for fun.

Just ordered a Gm Natural minor from Rockin’ Ron’s. That’ll give me a step up in minor harps between my Natural and Harmonic minors.
Dm Natural up to Am Harmonic up to Gm Natural up to Ebm Harmonic. I’d eventually like to get an Em Natural minor and a Cm Harmonic minor so I’d have 3 of each. That’d give me enough selection to play around with.

Cool beans, TNF!

With all them minors at your disposal, you’ll be playing gypsy music and funeral/cemetery dirges in no time! :wink:

Keep On Harpin’!

You don’t think my love of minor harps comes from my love of Heavy Metal, do ya’? ???
I know a lot of Metal songs are somewhat “dark” which I guess would be minor keys but I’m not really sure since when I played by ear I just played what I heard and didn’t really pay attention to what key I was playing in.

When I’m out jammin’ we mostly play Blues and Classic Rock. Most of the minor songs seem to be Am or Em. Depending on the song, I’ll either play my LO Natural Minor Am or my G harp in third position. Same with Em, either my LO Nat. Minor or my D or LowD in 3rd pos. I mostly play it in 3rd pos., especially Blues.
I’m just now learning 4th position which is playing a minor also. Play Em on a G harp. I use it to play the sax lead-in to “Turn the Page”.
Also in 6th position, Em is very minor on an F harp.
I guess depending on what you are playing, you don’t have to buy a Minor harp to play in a minor key.
I bought my LO minor harps (Am,Em) before I really learned to play 3rd position. I use them mostly at the beginning of some songs, then I switch harps and play 3rd position. I figured back in the day when these songs were first played those harp players didn’t have “Minor” harps.