Only recently have I joined the 21st century and gotten a computer. What do the two left hand icons mean on the Talk page? When one posts a question how do you get replies posted to your own account rather than going back to the original question post each time?


Um if I’m understanding you correctly: You can hit “Notify” and responses go directly to the email address you signed up with. The posts/answers come to you there where you can link back to here!

Is this what you’re referring to Mike?!

PS: If this isn’t it…Please send me an email and we’ll work on it together!


Hey Mikepipe,

I’m new to this forum also kind of trying to learn my way around how to do things and stuff.

Definitely keep asking questions if you don’t understand something, the forum is a very valuable

instrument to help you with your harmonica practice.

Right now what I do is to look at the top left hand corner where it says

Hey, Joe Feeney
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Show unread posts since last visit.
Show new replies to your posts.

I click on show unread posts and then scroll through them to see if I need to read something and maybe respond.
Same with Show new replies

Harp on!!