Cool... Harp Lesson from Hal Walker

Top stuff…

  1. ;D

Very Cool! :wink:

Certainly have to work on getting my tongue trills and loose lip puckers going for sure. ;D

Now that Hal has that Thailand “harmonica” down, wouldn’t be surprised if he couldn’t come over here and play my wooden fence with the same rythyms and fervor! :o

Yeppers, very cool! :slight_smile:

Now that Hal has that Thailand "harmonica" down, wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't come over here and play my wooden fence with the same rythyms and fervor


It’s kind of weird the sign he has behind him "Hal Walker music that fits in you pocket.
I wonder what kind of cargo pants he’s wearing in order to fit that Mouth organ from Thailand.

He is definitely talented.

Harp on!!

Also don’t be lazy and vote for Hal at :slight_smile:

Just type in Hal Walker in the third field from the bottom and submit :slight_smile:

DONE!!! ;D

Its like you were talking to me look at it yesterday and thought OMG way too much work
to vote…Name email address and then like you said 3 from bottom…

Nice and easy.

Thanks for the push Mario

harp on!!

Well then my vote should count lots of times as I put in Hal Walker’s name several places! :wink:

Only thing I know about Cleveland is it’s the homes of: Drew Carey, an ex-gal pal trucker chick of mine; and the Country’s Arm Pit!

Other than that, yeah, too much work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great breathing exercises! Those are the kind of things this beginner needs. Come across anything else like that, post em’!

Soo many to choose from!

First guy is okay…don’t know how far he’ll get though!? ::slight_smile:

(Sarah) Rebecca and D Big Walker are good too! :wink:

Gawd, we really need to get this place organized! So many posts all over the place…we need to start putting them together in units! :-[

Keep on harpin’!

how to play harmonica (the blues)

No.1 Breathing technique

I’m gonna try and get a hold of Sarah UMM i mean Rebecca and ask her to join our forum,

She seems like she has so much to share what do you think. ;D

Harp on!!

^LOL :smiley:

I tried but for some reason her you tube channel wouldn’t let me add a comment to that video.

Oh well ???

Harp On!!

YouTube didn’t allow commenting to some other videos to me too.

“All your base are belong to us” :smiley:

"All your base are belong to us"

psst, yo, hey over here, mario - yeah, um, if you don’t mind, you’re gonna have to s’plain that one to me, ok, buddy?! if it has anything to do with Aliens Inc., yeah sure, i gotcha, ex-nay on the aliens inc-ay! got it! wink wink!

No problem…this will suffice :slight_smile:

Some one explain to me don’t understand ???

Harp on!!

Cool vid. Since I live in Cleveland, I’ll be picking up a Scene or two to stuff the ballot box for him. ;D

Thanks Mario!

Got it all now:

CATS: With the help of the Federation Forces, All of your bases have been taken (over) by CATS.

From an online video game, JF! Y’know, all the stuff the ‘kids’ are into today?!


Well, the game is from 1991…almost 20 years old now…those kids are into other stuff now :slight_smile:

I couldn’t rightly say about them there kids today, one way or the other, Mario.

I’m still working on my “Pong” game - the one that Forrest Gump played in the movie of his life! The one that has “Ping” attached to it! hehehehehehe!!!

Ciao, babe!