cornbread cookin contest

Hobostubs red dirt folk lore on a CBG and Harp;-)
cornbread cookin contest.wmv

Nice one Stubs, was that your mom and dad and niece in the beginning.

Harp on!!

thanks yes that was them;-)

Hey thanks Stubs. I always look forward to your CBG.
BTW, Grandpa was a hobo…a real riding the rails one who left home at 14 in search of a job and life. He rode the rails to the best mill jobs in the South he could find. When he met Grandma, he’d tell her, “You won’t see me again until I have a job and a place for us to live,” and off he’d go on the rails. He always found a job and home.
Anyway, I always feel great when you sign in with your “HOBOSTUBS.”
BUT!!! If there ever is a cornbread contest, my wife WILL win it! She is the master (mistress?) of cornbread. The Cornpone Wizardress. The Corndodger Queen. The Ultimate Cornfritter Fighter. THe Octacorn World Champ.
She makes really good cornbread too.
Thanks Stubs. I really enjoy your videos!


@ Hobo

Another fine original, Stubs!

Keep up the good work!

@ BB

Notice you didn’t mention any corn cobbing…

As here at Reply# 31-32:

Is that where you come in?

Just wondering…

Corn cobs are for the hogs (and for stopperrin’ certain kinds of jugs…the kind with the corn inside already). woodsheds are for storing wood and kindling. Of course kindling is often the end results of my wood carvings. And my island was the late great Isle Of Palms (now all resorts, but I used to RULE that island when I was a lad). I had a real paradise to play in, and when I became a teen, we could make great beach music.
What do you think corn cobs and wood sheds are for…NO NEVER MIND, don’t answer that! I don’t want to know. I’d probably never eat cornbread again.
As someone once said, “Mwuahahahahaha!”


That dark laugh scares me!

You should see the guy behind it.
cough sputter cough retch hiccup cough heave cough.
I’m not going to try that again! That really is dark. I’ll leave that to the exsquirts…uh, experts. You do know an ex-spurt is defined as “an old has been drip under pressure.”
This is from the Mirriam Webmaster Diction-nary.


I’m glad that did not come with visuals.

Yeah, it didn’t look so great here either.
I have to tell you though (true story), I met some people at a local gas station parking lot (selling some dodads). When I opened the car door to greet them, I was overwhelmed with a stench. First I thought I had stepped in something my animals had scattered around back at home, but I quickly realized I hadn’t smelled a thing until I opened the door. I thought maybe the folks I was meeting with had stepped in something, but they would have had to lie down in it and take a really wallow in it. That was when my brain said, “Bob, get away from here. These people smell FUNKY!” My brain always calls me by my first name. We’ve known each other off and on for a few years.
To my relief, the gentleman said, “I believe we’d better take this inside. It’s getting kinda rank out here.” To which I replied, “I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me.”
It turns out the stores septic tank was being pumped. The store has a closed down D Donuts attached. If that’s what old donuts smell like, I quit the donut eating business.
I saw 3 dead buzzards, 2 suffocating possums, and five skunks pinching their noses…It was ROUGH!
NOW!!! Be glad…be very, very glad you didn’t have a visual (or especially a nasal) with this story. I’ve been around when septic tanks were being pumped. My Granddad was a life long plumbing contractor who wanted everyone to experience life the aromatic way. I have never smelled anything quite like this.

BB sniff sniff ech!

Back to cornbread though…
Had some cornbread and buttermilk last night.
You can thank the Real People of America for every corn product you eat, drink, or burn in your car. King James Biblical references to corn meant grain in general. Our corn was unknown to the other hemisphere until the “explorers” brought disease and traded it for corn and tobacco (the old natural stuff wan’t like today’s hybrid corn or tobacco) and put the “corn” name on maize.
Anyway, all the corn recipes eaten by people today (grits, whole hominy, roasted, boiled, creamed, etc) are derived from native dishes. Cornbread and fritters came from corn dodgers, but you really don’t want to try the original recipe! It deserves some dodging.

BB…I’ll be in my tipi if you need me