Country Music Pedal Steel Guitar/Harp Player

Hello Everyone,
I just purchased JP’s lesson package, and I can’t wait to get started. Currently, I live in Georgetown, KY, I’m retired, and I play Pedal Steel Guitar. Because of my love for Country music, I’m returning to the Harp which I gave up years age due to time spent in the Marines and work as a Pastor and Psychologist.

Also, I’m an author, having written and published three books with the fourth now in the works. My first book was a Western, the second was on the Civil War, the third a biography about Maurice ‘Reece’ Anderson, a legendary Pedal Steel player, and the fourth is an autobiography.

My actual name is Fred Wright, but I use Oldabe because he (a bald eagle) was a mascot in the Regiment I wrote about in my Civil War book.

Sounds good!

Glad you joined us!


nice ,

good going … fred


Howdy and welcome new friend. I’ll look for your books.
Should we call you Mr. Abe or be on first name terms and call you Old? LOL
Glad to have you here Fred!



Call me anything except late for supper! :o Fred

Welcome to the forum!
I’m always glad to meet another pastor, in fact, I pastored for five years right outside Dry Ridge, KY.
So, you are a pastor, an author, and steel player. Wow!
We should get together some time for a cup of coffee. Course, that may prove to be a might tedious as I now live in Florida.


Email me directly at with your email address, so we can talk more direct. Fred

Done, and looking forward to chatting.