Couple of tunes to share

This first tune is called ‘Farewell To Whiskey’ an Irish Fiddle tune which I learnt from Glen Weiser’s book "Irish & American Fiddle Tunes for Harmonica. Its played on a G Harmonica in 1st Pos.

This one is a really old tune that I used to hear sung by ‘oldies’ when I was a youngster ie over 50 years ago. No tabs but it is played on an Ab Harmonica in 12th Pos ie key of Db. The lyrics I think are good & will along with my playing (hopefully) give some idea of the tune.

Vagabond Lover

For Some Girls are quickly forgotten,
And gone with the dawn of the day,
But some you remember,
Like last glowing embers,
Haunting your memories & dreams

For I’m just a Vagabond Lover
In search of a sweetheart it seems
And I know that someday
I’ll discover her
The Girl of my Vagabond dreams.

Real nice tunes there, David ;D


The Glen Weiser Farewell to Whiskey tune was good. :wink:

Yet the Vagabond Lover - I don’t know why but kind of gave some chills and set me back to watching old silent movie tear jearkers. :’(

And that’s a great thing! :smiley:

Thanks Hotrod & SPD.

Wow nice playing Dave I always love hearing you play 8)

Harp on!!

Hey David!!!

I just checked out your tunes. I really enjoyed your playing… nice sound… nice feel…

Loved it…

Please post more in the future.