crazy weather

crazy weather here in the North East USA

Didn’t prevent me from playing my harp. ;D ;D

Close to 2 feet of snow. Just finishing my driveway.

Harp On!!

Just saw on Fox News that except for Florida, all other 49 states - to include Hawaii - now have snow on the ground somewhere!

So once you’re done there – Can I borrow your snow blower?! Hehehee!!

Joe, I like your hat! ;D

Hey JP did it snow at your house?

Here in Brunei is as hot as an oven. Then again I never seen snow that thick before (I have never seen snow before anyway)

Yo G-Man!

If it ever snows on the beach resort where JP resides, well not only hell but paradise got frozen over!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And methinks not even Jimmy in Brunei could help dig him out of that one there!! :-\

But Super JF with his snow blower, hat, 'stache and harp to the rescue would!! ;D

How about a flame thrower? It works every time.

Don’t think your flame thrower would help much here below, Jimmy. :-\
Flash flooding in Queensland kills 8

Similar thing happened in Brunei as well but not as bad as what compared to Australia. The water stay stagnant for weeks… many people were treated in near by countries for food and water related dieases
1997 was the worst year

When the news came I was worried my aunt’s place was affected… but I’m glad she’s ok

You are right, my flame won’t do any good in this situation tho…

Gotta be aksing yourself like WTFs going on now, eh?! :-[
Dramatic rescue from Brazil mudslide

Jan 28 2011 Snow storm

[u]Hey Joe! Where you going with that gun in your hand?! :o

Joe, I hope you guys can get un buried soon before you go stir crazy! LOL
Man thats alot of snow! Well, you got lot’s of practice time now, Huh? ;D

That IS a lot of snow… :o

Wow. That is way too much snow.

Its really kind of beautiful for the first couple days once your all shoveled out/.
I use to love it when I was a kid…
Not so much though now.

There talking another NorEaster Tuesday into Wednesday another foot possible.

Where am I gonna put it.

Harp On!!

Where am I gonna put it?

Just way too easy!!! :smiley:

But I’m on the East Coast USA with the same as well… :stuck_out_tongue:

So mum’s the word on all that, huh?!! :-X


Just so ya’ll know, I’m in Amarillo, Texas. Woke up to 28 degrees, supposed to get to 45 at noon, then 30 at 4:00. 90% chance of snow tonite and tomorrow. That don’t sound to bad, but wait, tonights low is 0. That’s zero, with tomorrows high around 9. Here’s the kicker 20 to 40 MPH winds all day tomorrow! That’s gonna put our wind chills down around -25!
Now that is friggin’ cold! 8) On top of the wind, we’re supposed to get around 4 inches, which ain’t much compared to ya’ll. But it will drift up and we don’t have all the removal equipment like ya’ll do. So, I may just stay home and play!
Stay warm!

Whatever happened to Global Warming!!

Harp On!!

That is just Al Gore’s pipe dream!