Cross Harp?


Am trying to write a song in F# which is the kindest key on my voice. I want to lay some harp over the song but am getting way confused, I don’t often work in F# making matters worse.

Always thought the V chord in any key was the harp key for cross harp? However, playing a E harp over F# sounds quite cool.

The V chord for my song in F# would be C# but I don’t have that key in any harmonica.

So why is the E harp sounding cool & should I try out a C# harp as well, to see how that sounds as well?

Update: [font=times new roman]originally I thought the harp was a B but it was in E, which means I’m playing a tone beneath the key of F#, still sounds cool. The cross harp key will be the IV which is in fact B, I do not have this harp.

Playing a tone below a song’s key is apparently ‘slant harp’.[/font]

Thanks :slight_smile:


When playing cross harp, you choose the harmonica that is a 4th note of the major scale in the song key.

So if the song is in F# the major scale is: F♯ | G♯ | A♯ | B | C♯ | D♯ | E♯ | F♯. Notice that “B” is the fourth note of the F# major scale. So you’d play cross harp with a B harmonica to get an F# blues scale.

It’s worth noting that from song key to harmonica is a 4th, but from harmonica to song key is a 5th.