EDIT BY ADMIN: Thanks everyone, we’ve now shut the survey

Hello Harmonica Lover,

I am creating a very special opportunity for one person…

I will be working with someone as part of my research and
development team. As a member of this team you will be
helping me make my new series of video lessons the best
that they can be.

What will be the benefits to you if I pick
you to be part of the team?

You will receive each and every instructional harmonica
DVD that I have ever made.

You will also be invited to a weekly teleconference
in which I will be asking for your feedback.
It will also give me the opportunity to directly support you
in becoming a really good harmonica player (that’s what
I love to do best so if you’ll give me the honor, this will
be a win-win for both of us).

I’m looking for a harmonica player with very particular
characteristics so please don’t feel offended
if I don’t pick you to be part of my R and D team.

What will I expect of you?

That you show up for the weekly teleconference, that you
practice the weekly assignments, that you’re stoked about becoming
a really good harmonica player, and that you make recommendations
for how we can help lots and lots of other harmonica players.

If you are interested in the possibility of being
part of this R and D team please click the link
below and complete the short survey.

EDIT BY ADMIN: Thanks everyone, we’ve now shut the survey

Very Nice, JP Allen! :slight_smile:

Good Luck to One & All! :wink:

Peace & SPD Out!! 8)

Thanks SPD! Good to hear from you. jp

Filled out my questioneer today, wish me luck! ;D

Good Luck Tyson personally ;D

I think you’d be a good choice ;D

I think you’d make a good fit…

Harp On!!

Thank you, Joe.

Howdy fellers!
We have so many great friends here, I’d hate to have to make the choice.
Of course, it’d be hard to make a truly bad choice among this crowd.
Well, to whomever is chosen. congratulations. It will be a tough job done right, though.