Dannecker harmonicas

Hi everyone I was looking at these new Dannecker optimus harps and was wondering if anyone tried or purchased one before? They sure are expensive at around 300 bucks for one is why I ask. Would like someones opinion on them before I invest in that

Well I went ahead and ordered a new Dannecker Blues optimus harp $340 . Definitly the most I ever paid for a harp. So I will let everyone know what I think. They sure look nice cant wait to try it. ;D ;D

Good luck, and be sure to let us know how it works for you and if it was worth the price.

Well I received my Dannecker blues optimus in C maj the other day. Seeing it for the first time it is definitely the best looking harp I have ever seen. Its made of solid brass then the whole thing is chrome plated. It weighs a little more than my seydal 1847 nobel. Playing it all I can say is wow what a great harp, nice tone and it plays loud with little effort. For $340 though it should if you order 2 you get a free $60 case made for these harps(holds 4) if you order 5 you get the one the holds 12. I went ahead and ordered another one in A maj and he is throwing in the case since I just got one. Dannecker blues harps are like the Bently rolls royce of the harp world for sure.

I can second paraguy, I have 4 Danneckers, an ‘Optimus’ and 3 ‘Dannecker Blues’ harps, outstanding quality (which you would expect for the cost) heavy Harps, (two of my ‘Blues’ have steel/metal combs) and my 'Optimus has a clear synthethic comb but with heavy outer plate made from polished steel, they sing like birds, have and have a beautiful tone which, to my mind makes all the twaddle about wooden combs a nonsense, tests have been carried out among pro players and most of them can’t tell the difference in a blind test, although many of them still insist that wood is best.

The polished outer covers are a delight, no sore lips etc and I have gone for just intonation on the tunings so that the chords sound rich and full.
If you get one and are disappointed with it, put my name down as the first person to buy it from you ;D

He makes a dannecker optimus gold now as well (I have the optimus chrome) but unfortunately those are like 600 bucks apiece the chrome version is $345. I dont think the gold version will sound any better but who knows anyone that has both versions please let us know. I own 4 optimus chromes …best harps I own for sure. And Antony Dannecker is a great guy and always replies to any questions about his harps. He is very well known in the harp world