Dear Santa....



You’ve got to be kidding me ???

He’s my favorite musician, do you think if I buy them it will make me a better harmonica player.

I printed it out and put on my fridge with the DEAR SANTA written on top . I’ll let you know
how that goes. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp on!!

LOL! yeah, I said the same thing.
I would never ask Santa to do such a thing. I’ll stick with my good ol’ Special 20’s 8)

Well it’s like the cereal you get in stores nowadays. You’re paying more for the box than you are any of its contents. >:(

I’m good with Harmonica Santa just bringing me this:

Hey guys

why go with the signature series, why not the hand signed Bob Dylan’s. Only 25K

If you’re gonna ask Santa, I say go for broke!!!lol


By the Gods! Is the decimal in the right place? How does anyone tolerate listening to Dylan let alone giving over monies like that to have his name on some harps?

Oh yeah, Flip!

Had to read the real small print there:

this extremely limited edition series consists of a complete set of seven Marine Band harmonicas in the natural keys of C, G, D, F, A, B, and E, [i]which have been played and hand-signed by Bob Dylan[/i].

With only 25 sets available world-wide, would go out and get mine now, but don’t want to give Mikey there any seizures just yet! :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Still hoping though Harmonica Santa is good to somebody this year!! :smiley:

How does anyone tolerate listening to Dylan

Come on now Mikepipe we all have our favorite musicians,
He happens to be mine, allthough if I had 25000.00 I wouldn’t
give it to him.


They’re selling used harmonicas for $25,000. What a rip off. I could buy a lot of new harmonicas for the price of these used ones.

Not just any old used harps, Gman!

Those touched by the very lips of the God of Folkmusic himself - Bob Dylan :-*

At least you can do more with these than say a Michael Jackson glove or Pamela Anderson undershorts or anything else that’s been auctioned off for about as much!



I’d like to try and play a pair of pamela andersons under britches…hooo yeah. Wonder what key they’re in


Amazing in 10 replies to original post, we went from Bob Dylans $25k harp set to
Pamela Anderson’s Pink Panties ???

Harp on!!

UMMMMMM I’m just assuming there pink I didn’t actually buy them AHEM ;D

Harp on!!

You can’t tell me you ain’t hidin a pair of them PA panties in that Snap-on truck Joe. You’re probably try to play Shenendoah on em…ROTFLMAO ;D


SHHHH MUMS THE WORD!!![/move [move] I’m In Jail Anyways See My Picture

Has anyone actually ever played on one of these Dylan signature harps?

What’s the idea behind them, are they really, really superior to play on or is it just a collectors thing?

I would imagine it’s just a collectors item.

harp on!!

G (String of Course)

Hep C

Cool, no bending required…yet worth a shot or two (of penicillin? :o) though I’d venture to guess! :smiley: