Delay Pedal and Preamp

I have been looking all over for an Ibanez Delay Pedal II as suggested on another site. When I find one, they are either in pretty bad shape or in such demand that I lose my bid at the last second. Therefore, having done a considerable amount of reading, it seem that the Ibanez DE7 might be suitable for a harp along with a tube preamp.

For those who know, what do you suggest besides the Ibanez II that I can’t seem to acquire? Since I have spent my entire harp budget on the B-Radical harps, I really want to get good gear without spending a fortune.

I have a Roland Street Cube amp that seems to give me what I want with build in effects, including delay or (not and) reverb, but it doesn’t help me if I need to play through another system.

Thanks for your help.

Since I have spent my entire harp budget on the B-Radical harps, I really want to get good gear without spending a fortune.

I know that feeling and share the sentiments, Edward.

I ordered a Bottle of Blues mic and amp from Jim McBride two weeks ago.

He emailed saying he sent it out.

I emailed him this week saying I didn’t receive it yet.

Taking the banker’s holiday this past Monday into account, he gave me the PO tracking number and said I’d receive it this Thursday (yesterday).

Mailman came and went; no BOB package.

Went to the tracking number and:

PO was returning the package to Jim because it says Addressee Unknown!

A real what the frig moment here!

Jim and I have emailed back and forth several times trying to figure this one out. And he won’t know for sure what’s going on until he gets the package back in his hands.

I know this didn’t answer your question or concerns; yet I hope somebody here can assist in your quest on this matter, and you get what you’re looking for as well!

Good luck!

Keep on Jammin’!

Peace & SPD Out!

Try a Boss AD-3. It has a really good reverb that is very adjustable. You can set yout highs and lows. It even has chorus which I usually just play around with. But the best part is, it has feedback control. 1/4" jacks in and out. You can play strait through or click it to a similated tube amp. You can run it strait to the PA or your amp. It has a volume control that you use to adjust it to where you are getting max out of your mic without it pushing to hard and causing feedback. I’ve had one for years. Got it on ebay. Don’t think they make it anymore. I think it went to an AD-5. Don’t know about them.

Hoi Edward,

I have a Belcat DLY-303 witch I purchased from E-bay, The are sold as a analog delay but the are not!
Its a smooth delay and it will give you just that bit of delay to sound rich.
You good look for some reviews on
It is still for sale on E-bay for a nice price.

Have Fun, John

Hey Ya’ll –

Mailman just delivered my BOB package today! (Saturday!) Go figure!

Haven’t even opened it yet! Have to see what’s what with Jim Mcbride too!

Yet still, I do know this is going to be fun! And I knew great peeps would be around to offer their fine suggestions for Edward also! Thanks!

Rock on, yo!

Thanks, guys. I was hoping for a few more responses, but am in the process of research these two pedals in more depth. Thank you for giving me a starting place.

HP…I have read the AD-3 manual. It doesn’t seem to have a delay…or, in my ignorance, is the anti-feedback function actually a delay?

John, the Belcat looks very interesting. I found one on eBay for $40. I guess I can’t go too wrong with that price…but, it seems to be lacking any effects.

Question for anyone who has an opinion. How do the big boys get their big sound? That can’t all be harp. It must be effects of some sort.

Thank you for your help and guidance.

Hoi Edward,

Like you say, for that price you cant go wrong.
And your right about the lack of effect on this pedal, its just a good delay ;D
If you want more effects, good unit’s are the Beringer V-amp or the Line6 POD pocket.
Before you buy them to make your sound bigger, believe me, its the Harpplayer that make’s the BIG SOUND and not the amp.
The amp and effect pedals/units just amplify or change your BIG or smal sound.
To give you a impression about sound, look at the following Youtube films from Lee Sankey.

Have Fun, John
Blues Harmonica Lesson - Improve Your Tone
Blues Harmonica Lesson - Get A Bigger Acoustic Tone with this Hand Position

John, two great videos. Thanks for sharing. I learned more about breathing and breath control in 15 minutes watching these videos than I have in the past year. Thanks for sharing. Now I know what I have to “work on” to improve my sound (notice I didn’t use the “p” word that causes so much contention here). Little did I know that that much sound could come out of a harp without all of the effects, delays, etc. Boy, ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s a pain in the progress.

Any thoughts on the Behringer Delay? I know they’re a plastic shell, but do they work well. Price is right, but that’s not always good.
Or how about the BBE two timer analog delay. I think Jason Ricci has that one on his pedal board.

I’ve really enjoyed the Boss DD3.

Nothing like tape delay but very practical and easy to use on stage.
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Demo