Delay pedal....Digital or Analog?

From what I’ve read analog gives a warmer tone, but can pick up interference. Digital is cleaner and can have longer delays without getting all muddied up. Digital is usually cheaper too. I see JP uses a Boss DD3. I’ve been lookin at those and the DD2. Also Behringer DD100, but they aren’t made as well, plastic, and I read some bad reviews.
Has anyone tried both? What was your opinion on what sounded best with harmonica?

I don’t know nuthin about birthin babies…

Or mics, amps etc neither!

Perhaps Chromeaddict or Edward or others who are experienced in these things, including birthin babies, can help you, Harplayer!

Good luck!

I don’t use pedals of any kind. The only effect I use is electricity (which Muddy Waters invented). For me effects interfere with my tone rather than enhance it. But, that is me, I know players who do use them, it is a personal preference.
I am partial to the natural overdrive of TUBE (VALVE to you Euro’s) amps. I love the tone of a low watt class A tube amp being driven. If I am playing a large venue where I know the stage volume is going to be er, “strong” so to speak (re: loud) I’ll haul out my guitar stomping Fender “Super Reverb”. I use lower gain factor pre-amp tubes than the original 12AX7’s, to greatly reduce feedback. I replaced the power tubes with short bottle 6L6’s to fatten up the bottom end, and produce the BIG ROUND TONE.
Many years ago I pissed off a guitar player by commenting that his array of pedals he was so proud of wouldn’t make him a better player. I am trying to create the sounds of the past, with the equipment that was used in the past. I play the deep blues and the early rock-a-billy/country for the most part. I play the vintage 7-limit just intonated harps thru a Piazza custom JT30 with maybe a tweak of reverb if the room doesn’t have it’s own.
I will say this, Ninety-five percent of tone comes from the player! If you have good natural tone
you can sound like yourself thru most any set-up. Bottom line, and I don’t mean this harshly (many fragile egos in music) but, pertaining to effects and amplification, “Crap goes in, Crap comes out” Period

Oh, I agree with the crap in & out thing. I’ve heard myself enough to know…sometimes there’s a lotta crap goin’ in. When everybody’s up and wailin’ away pedals really don’t do much to help anyway. Playin’ down low that extra little split second of delay does kinda fatten it up though. But mostly I like to play around with stuff like delay and reverb. One song we do sounds really cool with more than normal reverb. Playin’ chords right at the beginning. It has that tension building feeling to it. It’s a home grown song called “Blood on the Highway”. Another home grown I use it on called “Hell Yea!!!”. It’s kinda our motto. I think a good delay would work better on this one though.

An analog delay will give you that “old school slapback” if that is what you’re looking for.
Most of the cats I know that use delay prefer the analog over digital, but there is the cost differences to consider. Using effects is like using seasoning, a little is good, just the right amount is great, too much is awful.