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I inherited some harmonicas from my grandfather when he passed. One was a Roy Rogers riders and the other is a 1989 Delicia Radio 12 hole double reed key C. I am new to the instrument and was trying I find information on the Delicia. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I was wondering which of the two would be best to start on. Thanks!

Hi guys, and a big howdy to the new folkses.
I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’m sorry for being away and not helping
welcome the newcomers.
NOWWWWW for the question of which harmonica to start.
Don’t start with a tremolo or octave or any instrument other than
a Richter tuned (I’ll get bashed for that) GOOD diatonic harmonica
in the key of C. You’ll find more lessons use this type instrument
than any other for beginners.
The Roy Rogers harmonica should be sent directly to me. PM me for
my address. Just joking of course, though I’d love to have a toy harp
with Roy’s branding on it. I’m a BIG Roy fan. Dale and my wife carried on
quite a bit of correspondence a while back. She was a wonderful lady.
I’d love to have known both of them personally…what a kick!
Anyway…I’m sure glad you are getting involved. I don’t know if the
Roy harp is well suited for serious playing, but you may want to wait
until you get some good technique learned and set to habit before
using it much. Poor technique can ruin harps, especially weak ones.
Take good care of it, and post some pictures of it. I know it’s a novelty
harmonica, but it’s got to be so cool. More Roy memorabilia.


Hello, Ichibanviper.

Your Radio Delicia (Delicia Radio) was made by the Ligna harmonica company of Czechoslovakia, production dates unknown, but you’ve written that it’s a 1989 vintage. It has metal covers that wrap around the edges of the harmonica.

It’s a 12-double holes, 24 reeds tremolo harmonica. It’s most common in the key of C. Tremolo harmonicas have a single reed in each chamber. They are paired vertically with the same pitched reed, but it’s slightly de-tuned at the factory. When the two vertically-paired reeds are played together, an automatic wavy tone(tremolo) is heard.

It may be a copy of the Hohner Chimes harmonica, made from circa 1924-'36.

If it’s key is C (usually found stamped on the top cover), it usually has the E vertically-paired reeds as it’s lowest pitched reed (first hole on the left). It has a complete major scale from holes 5-12.

On the following chart, large letters are exhale reeds and small letters are inhale reeds:

Ligna Delicia Radio, key of C major, starting on “mi” of the scale:

||E|g|G|b|C|d|E|f|G|a|C|b|| (this is the top reed plate. The bottom plate is identical to the top plate)

The Harmonic Reed company’s Roy Rogers Riders harmonica is a 10-hole Richter system diatonic harmonica,
made circa 1950-'72. 1939 was the Harmonic Reed’s first year, and 1972 was it’s last year in business. It was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, until it’s later years, when the company was sold and moved to Conshohoken, Pennsylvania.

Richter system harmonicas were invented by Joseph Richter in 1858 Haidau (today’s Novy Bohr), Czechoslovakia, after he saw the reed placement in an accordion factory. On a Richter single reed per note harmonica, the top reed plate has exhale reeds and the bottom reed plate has inhale reeds. This is to permit chordal playing, and self-accompaniment chords & melody.

Harmonic Reed Co. Roy Rogers Riders 10-hole single -reed per note diatonic harp, key of C only:

||C d |E g |G b |C d |E f |G a |b C |d E |f G |a C||

The Roy Rogers Riders harp had metal covers. The rest was plastic, including the reed plates and even the reeds.
It’s a weak-sounding harp, with air leakage, and would not be recommended for serious playing.

As The Bugle Boy recommended, try a more expensive diatonic single reed blues harp-type harmonica, in the $25-$40 range, if you are serious about playing the harmonica.

Best Regards

John Broecker