Delightful dream

I recently had a delightful dream in which I was in a crowd of 300,000 harmonica players in front of the Lincoln Memorial playing “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land”. I awoke from the dream smiling, wishing I had kept on dreaming. This dream might have happened because I had watched a newscast of Glenn Beck’s recent huge gathering there. The dream was such fun! I hope I have it again.

Cool dream, Engelalma!

I like The Beckmeister too! I watched the part where a Boy Scout lead the Pledge of Allegiance! Was good!

Now I try to dream about playing harmonica like you do. Only thing is, when I wake up I hear melodies in my ears from like outside my head…Know what I mean?

It’s a toss up whether I grab for a cigarette or my harp first ::slight_smile:

But regardless, I find I can play easier first thing after waking up!

How about you?!

Hi Engelalma,

thankyou for sharing your inspiring dream…I would love to know what 300,000 harmonicas may have sounded like…pretty angelic I imagine…

keep dreaming…

keep harping…