deluxe seydel vs deluxe 270 hohner which one do you recommend??

Hello to my friends
I m new user here and I want to buy a harmonica but I’mnot sure to buy deluxe seydel or deluxe 270 hohner
Please help me
Does anyone know about seydel brand??

Hello, Sayan.

The Hohner #270 Deluxe Chromonica is an improved, but more expensive, slide chromatic harmonica than the Seydel
Chromatic Deluxe, also improved. But, the Hohner Deluxe still has the pearwood comb. Some players prefer the Seydel’s acrylic comb for durability and no warping, cracking or splitting, the potential existing in the Hohner product.

The C.A. Seydel harmonica company of Klingenthal, Germany, was founded by Christian August Seydel in 1847, 10 years before the Hohner company. Seydel is the oldest harmonica manufacturer in existence. Hohner is the largest harmonica manufacturer.

M.Hohner, Inc., was founded by Matthias Hohner in 1857, in Trossingen, Germany. The Hohner company is not a German-owned company today. It’s owned by a company in Taiwan: KHS Musical Company, Limited.

Both companies make excellent products. The Seydel products are generally lower in cost than the comparable Hohner models. The Hohner company has a 60-day warranty, the Seydel company has a 2-year warranty.

I have both Hohner #270 (the older, non-Deluxe models) and the Seydel Deluxe (before the acrylic combed) models.
Both brands make high quality products. It would be difficult to state a preference, but I think that the Hohner harps have a better sound. That’s only one person’s opinion.

Best Regards

John Broecker