Been trying hard to play single notes but have trouble because the dentures prevent a proper pucker. Any suggestions?

Hey Regot, watch JP Allen’s video on “deep mouth” placement of the harmonica and this should help you a lot!


Uh, if you don’t mind me asking: Just how far out do those dentures stick out past your lips? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they tops, bottoms, both?

Ever try practing without them?

Not trying to be “funny” here - But my mom (may she RIP) had dentures since she was a teenager, due to pyorrhea. And my dad would get her to play on the harmonica while he played guitar. She’d laugh about it and try. But her nervouseness and shyness prevented her from going further, not necessarily her dentures.

Am just saying…

I wear upper dentures & have done so for 60 years ie since a bicycle accident as a teen. They in no way impede my playing other than I suspect make it more difficult to get good deep bends. They tend to reduce the mouth cavity somewhat but embouchure is ok ie deep & good tone. Without dentures I find bending easier but not wearing them is not really an option!