Did Jerry Murad really redesign the harmonica?

Ok JP, SPD, and all you others that give so much info (but I don’t
have patience enough to name), I have read articles that claim
Jerry Murad “redesigned” the harmonica into our modern harmonica.
Is this really true? The old Chromonica was out in the early 20’s wasn’t it?
Wasn’t it basically the same instrument as the modern Chromonica models?
I read one article that sited Larry Adler as the icon who paved the way for
“modern” harpmen like Peter Ruth. Nothing at all against the virtuosity of
Adler, but I can’t see where the author found any degree of verisimilitude
linking Adler and Madcat.
I would like to hear a comment on Murad though (actually one of my favorites…
I never missed him on Ed Sullivan when I was a kid).


BTW, I bought that big old word up there for fifty cents, so if anybody knows what it means, clue me in. LOL

Um at a loss here, BB!

Don’t know what you read or where…

Redesigned as in his own kind of harmonica, akin to Lee Oskar?

Didn’t read anything about Jerry Murad desiging anything except his group: The Harmonicats!


And yes he was great:

Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats Live- Orange Blossom Special

Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats Live- 12th Street Rag

BTW: What was your 50 cent word; couldn’t find it. Am wondering if you got ripped off?!

Keep on harpin’!

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If me members write I tink meens luv or fecction…somton like dat!! ??? ??? ???

Harp On!!

Joe, they teach weird stuff up North. verisimilitude~never heard of it.

I guess now I’ll have to look it up, since I can spell it.Hehehe!!! ;D

O I C!

Well my grammare teecher always sed to reed sentences in contixt –

Sew I gnu [font=Verdana]verisimilitude[/font] meant truth, probablity, likelihood…

Figuring BB hisself didnt no what it meant, figured he plagiarized the whole statement beginning with before virtuosity…and he wasn’t so virtuous at that! mwuahahahaha!!!

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laters youse guys!!!

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hey, I’m doing the best I can. When you don’t know what’s in the can, how do
I know what I’m getting for my fifty cents?
I haven’t found that Murad article again yet, but the Harmonicats official page tells that Murad repaired harps for Adler and John Sebastian. Now there’s a stretch in time. I didn’t think he had radically changed the history of the harmonica, that is why I was questioning the statement. But what would I know? It could have been true.
If I can ever find the article again, I’ll post a link. I thought it was on Wikipedia, but I’m not finding it now. Oh well, that was several or more years ago, before I decided I WOULD learn to play a harp.
Anyway, thanks for the comments guys. Just leave my virtues alone. LOL ;D

That’s funny ,

Just a quick thought my son ( the brains in my family) Told me don’t believe everything you read
on Wikipedia ??? ???

Some things could be false IDK he told me…Just saying You know.

Just leave my virtues alone.

But we can still help corrupt your morals though, can’t we?! :wink:

After all, you’re a harp player, aintcha?! :smiley:


Methinks perhaps BB, you may’ve come across this:


And somehow tied it into Murad. :-\

I don’t know…I can’t say for sure. :-[

Unless the ole virtuous moral compass was off a bit and turpitudes were in play there. :o

But still again…another of your 50 cents all shot to hell, huh, BB?! :stuck_out_tongue:


laters, yo!!

Well I can’t say for certain it was a Wilipedia article, but the article definitely cited Murad for that accomplishment. I DO DO DO agree that we should take Wikipedia with a grain of salt (or maybe a whole box sometimes) since anyone can edit an article there. Now I am certainly no authority on the subject, but I doubted the article’s veracity.
Now is a turpitude on of them thangs you shoot out of a subgyrine at other boats, or is that something you make out of pine cleaner?
And which way is virtuous and moral on a compass? I have enough trouble with north and south.
And don’t play with turpitudes…whatever they are. I didn’t have enough change for those words, so you’ll have to help me out. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m saving up for a couple of good words. I may not know what they means, but I’ll gits em spelt rite.
Gotta go guys. Y’all (proper Southern spelling) are a lot of fun.

Well the search goes on for that illusive fanciful phantasmagorical Murad article of BB’s – ::slight_smile:

And still unseen by another pair of human eyes anywhere as of yet. :’(

Not even Wiki has anything on it:


Well this philologist and logophile for one hasn’t given up just yet… :wink:

Then again, if tis nothing more than mere fruitless supposition, gotta know when to call it quits, eh?! :slight_smile:

Laters, youse guys!!

I could be wrong about the article having been on Wikipedia, but it was a rather long article that covered Murad’s whole life in detail (well somebody’s idea of the details).
Back to the original intent of my post:
Has the harmonica changed radically in design since it has been popularly produced?
I know there were some “primitive” designs, but does anyone know when the basic modern, somewhat standard design came about?
OK SPD, whatcha gotta say about that? Come on and hit me. I can take it! 8)
Boy, the things a feller has to go through around here to get a straight answer! :wink:


I figure I might need to find a different handle since I’m learning to harp now (trying anyway!).
I’d ask for suggestions, but I’m afraid what certain people might come up with for me. :o
I’ve been the Bugleboy for 40 years. Think it’s time to find a harp name?
Actually I will gladly bend an ear to “You Know Who’s” suggestions, but I will need to weed out some, I’m sure.
What do you think?



That’s funny I like that…

How bout Bobby Harp!!

Not real original but hey it’s a choice for you.

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Well Bendin’ Bob:

Here’s a handful of the best links I followed about the history of harmonica:





David Gage had something on the history; but it was members only; yet nothing mentioning anyone except Buschmann, Hohner and Lee Oskar basically.

I tossed in the Harp Academy page just to listen to something while I was searching and posting! hehehehe!!!

Obviously though, the harmonica has changed down through the ages. I think however once Hohner got hold of it and started mass producing harps in the mid to late 1800s - regardless of whether they be diatonics, tremelos, chromatics and so forth - the internal workings for the most part have been similar to each individual instrument.

Know what I mean?

So basically the only thing really changing is the materials and how well they’re all put together.

Wiki was actually pretty up to date, mentioning even Harrison USA.

Interesting is that except for Lee Oskar today - and a few endorsements from say a Bob Dylan, Charlie Musselwhite, and whomever - very little is known about the actual people who worked behind the manufacturing scenes.

I did find one interesting book from Germany about Hohner history here:


Of course, if you happen to find yourself in that neck of the woods, might as well do a tour of their fine museum as well, eh?

Unless you or someone else can locate that Murad article you speak of somewhere - Guess then that’s the best I can possibly offer in this research for now! I gave it a good run, I did! Who knows? It still might show up at that!

So Bendin’ Bob {BB for short} hope this helps!


Rock on, yo!

SPD Out!!

Alright SPD to the rescue! Now that was a lot of good info.
Now when I was asking about changes to the harmonica, I was being pretty narow in my vision.
I was thinking mostly of diatonics and chromatics. I tend to forget all the other variations of the instrument. I guess I should say the many instruments of the harmonica orchestra. Hehehe(She-she-she to not be narrow here too).
Anyway, thanks for the great info and links buddy.
If I work really hard, maybe I can earn “Bendin Bob” soon.
If I can get back to work and get all JP’s great lessons, I know I’ll get there a lot quicker.
Just the freebies helped me so much to get started.
I’m workin on it.
Thanks again guys for all the help (and all the fun!).

BB over and out!

No problem, BB! My apologies for not being able to find that Murad article for all of us to read!

Next post, I’ll work harder…yeah, right! hehehehe!!!

Speaking of hard work though:

If I work really hard, maybe I can earn "Bendin Bob" soon.

Well um just between you and me, I hope you’ve read my post about this in the other thread we conversed in. hehehehe!!

And again between you and me, I like your handle because it always evokes the following when I see it.

Now the first clip is apparently from a student who used the song as her class project. I rather enjoyed her creativity for something that definitely dates her by several if not more decades.

And the second, well, one of the originals. Gotta love it!! ;D

Bottom line: Stick with what you have! It’s good, BB! :slight_smile:


SPD just hanging out eight to the bar! Yowzah!!

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Thanks buddy.
Back before everybody got a CB radio for Christmas, and we used to play with them pretty seriously, everybody thought I was signing on as “Beautiful Boy.” I almost changed my handle then. Back in my college days, so many called me by weird nicknames (the most popular was “Uncle Roy”), that while trying to deliver an emergency message, my Mother had a real difficult time finding me even among the music department regulars.
Bugleboy is kind of natural for me after all these years, but you would be surprised how often I can’t use it as a username because it and most variables have been taken.
I have had absolutely no luck finding that article again. It’s apparantly been taken down.


...everybody thought I was signing on as "Beautiful Boy." ...so many called me by weird nicknames (the most popular was "Uncle Roy")

Guess you have that kind of IPO address and face that elicits those kinds of images from the folks, eh, BB?! Phew! Better you than me! :stuck_out_tongue:

mwuahahaha! :smiley:

Glad your mother found you alive and well too! :-*

laters…rock on, yo!

Hey SPD,
I finally got an answer from the guy with the old Super Chromonica. He’ll take $100, but of course I can’t afford to spend that kind of money right now while things are so tight.
Another fellow has a 10 holer Chromonica (says it’s over 50 yrs old, so I don’t know if it’s a 270 or what). He will take $40, but for me right now that’s still a lot of money. Besides, I want the extra octave when I do get one. I had the 64 Chromonica and (I believe I remember right on the smaller one) a 270 Chromonica. I’ll get what I’m dreaming of one day.
Anyway, if anybody is near SC/NC, you might want to check these out.