what is the difference between a blues harp and a marine band. also I am having trouble getting a clean sound out of hole 3 is there anything I can do to fix this? all the other holes sound fine.

Thanks Dave

Hi Dave, I could be way off and very very wrong but I’ll chime in and I’m sure you’ll get lots of responses from more experienced people than me.
I beleive it’s just a name. Just a name given to that particular harp. Going to play the same way Blues Harp and Marine band if you get in the same key.

Now go ahead someone correct me.

Harp on!!

3 hole is giving you a problem. Well assuming that there’s nothing wrong with the harp itself.
is it drawing or blowing from the 3 probably drawing. Have to have a good seal with your bottom
lip assuming you don’t tongue block. Bottom lip has to be blocking the 2 and 4 holes. Angle that harp
a little bit upwards see if that helps. Just slightly though. Practice practice practice you’ll get it.

Harp on!!

Howdy Wfly!

From Joe, to lil ole me, and everyone staring out, we all experience the ‘dreaded’ 3 hole problem - both in and out.

Along with Joe’s good suggestions, might be a good time now to go through my former post on the subject:


Try these techniques for yourself and let us know how you’re progressing along, ok?

Keep on harpin’!