Dizzy while playing the harp

Is it me or do others get dizzy while playing the harp? I’m a newbie and wondering if I’m doing something wrong. To much error or what? I don’t get dizzy otherwise… unless I walk in my sons room and he’s playing a video game with the scene going everywhere and that makes me dizzy also…


It happens to most people, especially at first. As JP says, the dizzy is free!

Have fun and enjoy.

Gregmatic is right! This will pass as you learn to play and learn to breath from the diaphram (which isn’t easy). Learn to breath through the harp while you play, not just blow and suck. Good luck and keep posting!

Thanks folks. I certainly suck at playing harp. lol! Got a long way to go but having fun.
Breathe from the diaphragm. - ok, I’ll work on it.


Lol I highly doubt you suck…just at a lower level of excellent!

Practice harmonica laying on your back…it helps keep your breathing from your stomach.

Peace Out!