DJ Tech Amp... Does anyone have this? Any comments or complaints?

I am not familiar with this particular amp, but have seen and heard many types of these “amps” Silvertone, Mini-Marshall, etc. Kevin’s Harps had some models at a Blues Fest I attended 2 years back, they all sounded the same. A tiny speaker buzzing isn’t for me a “ballsy” tone, and they aren’t very loud. These amps where designed to allow electric guitarists to hear the instrument when plugged in. The harmonica being an acoustic instrument doesn’t benefit much. If you want a cool tone, get a quart glass jar, hold the harp in your left hand and the jar in your right, use the jar as a resonant chamber, you’ll figure it out. I feel this post will get jumped by a vendor who’s concern is selling you one, not enhancing your tone. Any amp, Solid State, Tube, A bit of both, for the most part can only enhance your tone 5-10%. Good tone in, good tone out, is the rule.
A microphone and amp doesn’t transform anyone into Little Walter UNLESS the player has great tone to begin with. BTW getting anything form across the pond is going to cost more than if you bought it in the States 'cause of shipping charges (this last statement is moot point)
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Thanks for the reply. I was looking more for tone with an amp like this. Thanks for the heads up. I learned a lot in that post ^ ;D

I made mistakes in my quest for amplified tone before there was an internet to glean information. I firmly believe that a tube amp will give you the best tone enhancement. A ten-fifteen watt tube amp with a ten inch speaker is a good start. The Kalamazoo models (made by Gibson) 1 and 2 are great sounding little tone bombs.
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Hi Folks,

This is actually my listing so perhaps I can you some extra pointers about this amp from a customers point of view.

As everybody will say tone comes from within, absolutely true. But great tone or not there is gonna be a time when every harp player is gonna wanna try going electric.

If you don’t want to spend much money, aren’t in a band, still paying at home with neighbours, family, kids etc around then this really is a good little thing to have around.

Alternatively if you are in a band that has a drummer, has gigs lined up, and is generally looking for something substantial as you are looking to perform it really isn’t for you.

I have many positive comments about this amp from customers, some on my Facebook page for all to see. One guy in the US was so impressed he bought two off me and another in Australia was so pleased he bought one for his brother also.

Is it gonna make you Little Walter? Not a chance

Is it gonna do what it says on the tin and put a smile on your face? Yes sir!

Hope this helps

I did end up getting the amp, and it works pretty good for what I use it for. I am just trying to find the right amount of tone. Thanks Tom!

Hi Nebby,

Glad you’re happy with the amp.

In future please visit my website as everything is a little bit cheaper than ebay.

Happy Harpin’