Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder what your music might sound like, compared to professional musicians? They have the recording studios, session guitar players and other aids to help their creations sound so good. Granted, they usually have a fair amount of talent to help out, as well. In the hands of professionals, maybe our songs would become hits. If not bona fide hits, at least, tunes and melodies that everyday people would hum as they went about their daily deeds. Would our songs get “hung up in someone’s mind” for extended periods of time. And, is that the hallmark of a hit or memorable song? So many questions arise when we speak of music. The answers are never concrete or simple because music is so subjective. It’s not like math or science, or maybe other things, too. It stands alone in this cruel world. Just waiting and wanting to connect with someone, somewhere. No math or science is needed, just a hungry heart and empty soul, longing to be filled by a special, beautiful sound.