Do you play when you have a cold?

I ordered a Suzuki Bluesmaster and it should be here this afternoon. But I woke up with a nasty head cold. Boo hoo! Besides getting it all germed up, I don’t think it would be very pleasant to play with a cold.

Do you all still practice/play when you are sick?

I play unless I can’t breath. I just dip my harp in alcohol then run it under the tap to get rid of the taste and tap out to dry. (Only do this with plastic combs)
I’ve never had any problems doing this with my Special 20’s.

I was so clogged up I didn’t see how I was going to play, but I did anyway, and oddly enough, it opened up my sinuses! Cool.

OMG, I love this Suzuki Bluesmaster! I already wish I had it in more keys. Just as comfortable in the hand as the Golden Melody, but more comfortable on the mouth without the protruding reed plates.

If some bar is paying you money, play, sneeze, play cough, hold out your hand at the end of the gig then go home feeling rough as hell but safe in the knowledge you can put some petrol in the tank the next day. Worry about the harps later.

It 's never easy being a bluesman!