Does or can anyone play this number on an Harmonica?

Yakity sax… played by Boots Randolph?

I really enjoy listening to this number…and some day play it on my harmonica!


Is there a youtube video for that?


Yes! :slight_smile: Google Yakity Sax … and you’ll see and hear Boots Randolph play the number. :o

You can also see Chet Atkins play iton guitar. AWESOME!

The First concert I ever went to was Boots Randolph, Floyd Cramer and Chet Atkins. I was about 6 yrs. old. Mom thought it was something we should see/hear. She was right.

20 years later, I was sitting in a bar with my brother and a bunch of friends, listening to Steve Morse and the Dixie Dreggs. Nobody but me & brother could really appreciate it when I shouted across the table, “kinda sounds like Chet”.

Yakety Sax on harmonica. Sure, I’ll post a video as soon as I get it figured out. I’ve been working on it since about 1967 and expect to have it sometime this century.

Note: That Monte Python version is a cheap parody.

Yes! Even accompanying himself on guitar. The great James Conway --who’ll probably be at SPAH again this August in Dallas.
Live Yakety Sax

for another treat - here’s my favourite of his:
bagpipe harmonica

I do believe he’s go it.

I don’t recognize the Hohner. What model is that?

Pretty sure it’s an XB-40 in G. It’s one of the reasons I posted the second vid. At around 1:50 of the Bagpipe drone he still has the Special 20 in D in his mouth and you can see the dramatic difference in size between the two. The harmonica in his rack there is also a G and looks to be the same XB-40.