The dogs also stay crying when you´re playing, or I play sooooooo bad, like a dog ???

ahahahahahahahaha :-X

Oh sooo many comments, but sooo little time!

Welcome Cali…don’t mind if I call you Cali?

Can’t wait…Gotta fly! Mwuahahahahaha!

See ya!


yaa, of course
actualy, everybody calls me Califa

They say… Ohh california is a soooo longg nickname… soo I´m gonna call you Califa… Ok ?

See yaa

So if I’m really booking it, like right now, and I happen to say Yo, CA (pronounced Kuh) - You’ll know it’s just lil ole me! ;D

Call us anything you want except late for dinner!!

Too hip, gotta go!

Ciao, babe!

My dog just looks at me like I am dumb! Man’s best friend! Ha!

Everyone’s a critic, Jimbo! Everyone’s a critic! :smiley:

How do your pets react to your playing,have sensitive ears especially to high pitches.

Don’t have any pets…but my walls with ears seem to like it! :wink:

Keep on harpin’!

My dog used to howl like hell when I played the higher notes, she’s dead now, god bless her :wink:

mwuahahaha! er um sorry for your loss there, krusty…

just woke up and read your post – too many vivid images flashed by of a bad harmonica player hitting them high notes and his howling dog - and now the bad harmonica player hitting them same high notes with no dog!
you wonder whatever happened to the dog… ???

thing is, it always brings up the old Groucho Marx line about when the frigid, unattractive yet wealthy widow said her husband was dead, Groucho replied: “Oh, he’s just using that as an excuse!” :smiley:

so um yeah, god bless and love ya!


keep on harpin’!

Damn dog had no taste :P::slight_smile: ;D

I’ve got a couple Brittanys, and they don’t react to harmonica at all. They just wanna be where I am, and will put up with about anything. Now, if there’s a car door slam, dog bark, voices or anything else outside, there’s gonna be a round of barking for me to sit through. But that’s just part of teh deal.

Hi mikepipe my cat doesnt react at all but my dog is OK untill I start hitting hole seven upwards then he retires to the other end of the lounge also when I blow a lot of high notes my ears buzz . harp on.

I’ve got 3 dogs. The oldest and youngest could care less, but the middle dog comes to me no matter where she is at on my 20 acres and sits in front of me (by the fire usually) and sings her heart out. I figure if she didn’t enjoy it she’d stay away. It’s really cool to sit down and play a few notes and see her come runnin, and the thing is I know I’m not that good but she makes me feel like I am.

You should reconsider playing the high register in front of your dog. If she doesn’t wag her tail while barking, it could mean that she is telling you that you’re doing something wrong (hurting her ears). This isn’t necessarily true, howling is a way for dogs to communicate, she might also think that you are talking to her. Unlike when you make your puppy voice and talk to your dog like if she was a baby (come on, we all do it, they’re so cute!), playing an instrument, and especially with long held notes makes sense on “Doglish”. So she might just think you’re having an actual conversation for once. Which on “Doglish” could be as simple as: I’m sitting over here, you’re sitting over there, let’s tell everyone within hearing-range about it".

Two fun facts:

  • Studies have shown that dogs react different to different genres of music
  • When hearing a long held note (from an instrument, another dog howling or someone singing) a dog will always howl in a different pitch if she decides to howl.
makes sense on "Doglish"

Dammit Whiskat!

I’ve got enough problems with Englitch…

Now I need to learn another language?!

Figures, just my luck…take a few days off the forum in getting my 'puter up and running again, and all hell breaks loose around here!

Now where’s my Berlitz tapes…??