Do's and Don't's list for a chromatic

Well, I just ordered the Hohner Super Chromonica off of Amazon…and it should be here on Tuesday!

However, I ain’t got the slightest idea about what to do and not to do to them!

Could someone give me a list of do’s and don’t’s?

A few specific questions I had in mind:

  • Can I run water through it to clean it?

  • Can you bend on a chromatic?

-And what was the name of that website that is a chromatic forum only? I could not find it…

Thanks! Looks like a real adventure!


I believe you are thinking about this site:

I don’t think they usually recommend bending with a chromatic, however I believe little Walter would disagree with that.

Yeah, by all means, run water through your chromo as soon as you get it and see what happens…

Then come back and let us know too! Mwuahahahaha!!

Please don’t!!

But seriously and no bullshit aside, if you’re going to join AJ Fedor’s Slidemeister site, you’ll have to fill out an email application for acceptance first.

If/when it asks where you heard of their site, just say you were recommended from the good people at JP Allen’s forum and you know Street Player Dude – Should help facilitate the app! {Hopefully…Hehehe!}

AJ’s rules are a little more strict there than here. Meaning, he prefers members taking an active participation role in the forums.

But he does have a diatonic section there as well, so you won’t feel at a complete loss or be in unfamiliar territory at that.

And truth be told, I’ve adopted/adapted some of his rules to keep our place cleaner too. Anywhat…

I like AJ’s site…And for anything/everything chromatic, is the best place in the wide and vast Harmonica Universe to be!!


Keep On Harpin’!

Since being turned onto Toots by this forum, I’ve been listening to him a lot. He has a Hohner chromatic harmonica with his name on it and I definitely hear him bending. Not as extensively as a blues harp player, he’s a jazz musician after all, but you can hear him do it…I think. My ear may be deceiving me, I AM rather new to harmonica music.

Hey there TeflonRon!
I just got a chromatic, a Hohner 270, and I’m loving it.
I’ve been bending all over the place with it. I thought they wouldn’t bend.
I know this is an older thread, but I hope you’ll catch it.


Don’t lubricate/oil the slide.

Don’t eat cornbread while you are playing.

Toots and Stevie Wonder are both amazing chromatic harpmen…I can listen to them for hours (and try to pick up a lick here and there, when possible).