download from You Tube

Since I’m on a cell phone mostly, is it possible to download from You Tube onto a flash drive to bring home and watch on my computer? I can download from as long as I’m not at the library. But can’t figure out You Tube!

I would think so. Just when you download it will ask you where you want it downloaded to,
Just put the letter that corresponds to your flash drive NO ya maybe it should i think possibly


It’s not workin the same! If any of you computer GURU’s can figure this out it would help me listen and play by ear.

I’m no tech geek guru, Paul.

But I’m figuring since I don’t know what kind of cell phone you have, and if it has all the bells & whistles on it with 3G and all that jazz –

A stop by at your local phone store could probably better answer these questions for you. You may already have what you need, just an explanation on how to use all the functions properly. Or you may need an upgrade to something else. I just don’t know from where I sit here.

Hope this helps!

Keep us posted!

Laters, yo!

Not a Smart Phone just a Samsung Impressions. Doing the downloads on a regular computer either at a neighbors, or my wife’s work, or the library. I’m not even sure I can download to a flash drive from You Tube. Hope I can return to the 21 century by the first of the year and have my computer hooked back up to HughesNet! That way I can watch ya’lls posts any time I want and can play along.
Maybe even post something of my own!

I think you should be able to download on a flash drive and bring home and play on your computer,

But from youtube it definitely can be done. But you have to use Mozilla Fire Fox instead of IE and get the down load helper.

Its a little add on to Mozilla Firefox all free. When downloaded it will look like 3 gray balloons just to the
left of the address bar.

When you go on youtube and play something them gray balloons turn colors red blue and yellow and start spinning. Just to the right
of the balloons you will see and upside down triangle just click on that and it will give you an option to download the video ::slight_smile:
If it asks you just have it saved to the flash drive :slight_smile: :wink:

Or if it just downloads it automatically just find it and drag it to the flash drive. 8)

Easy right 1 2 3…

[shadow=red,left]And that’s how it’s done.[/shadow]

Harp on!!

Thank You Joe!! :slight_smile:
I was hoping there was a way.
Recon I’ll be a downloadin fool come Monday when my wife goes back to work (and they are not busy)!
Being without internet at home is a pain!
To be as technically challenged as I am I still love all this information available at my fingertips.

Hoi Paul,

Download this Portable Youtube Downloader and you can use it on every computer to download from Youtube without the need to install it. Just try it.

Have Fun, John

Thanks, both of you! I’ll check them out!
I want to be as minimally invasive as I can on the computers at my wife’s work.
I’m sure one of these will work.