Drag queeen named Sue

sence its October i added my halloween song tricker treatin drag queen named Sue to reverbnation trick or treat

Oh thank God! :o

Thought for a minute there, you were going to do your impression of Jason Ricci in drag - Not that there’s anything wrong with that:

Jason Ricci is really a GIRL!

Jason Ricci Blows a mean Harp (While in Drag)

Am beginning to really enjoy your kick back laid back style, Stubs. The music sort of grows on ya! 8)


Keep On Harpin’!

had you scared,lol thanks for your nice words,yea i saw the video of Jason Ricci,ive seen better looking drag queens on jerry springer;-)

You’ve got to be kidding me is that for real :-X :o

Not you Stubs you sounded great as usual ;D

Harp On!!


Yeah, don’t even get me started on Maury Povich! :o



And to think, Hotrod and I just discussed the now late great Tony Curtis, in one of his most famous roles: Some Like It Hot! :-*



Alas, how soon we forget! :-[


Laters, yo!

Keep On Harpin’!

This is very good Hobostubs!

thanks guys

cool Hobo :wink: :wink: