Draw advice?

May sound a bit silly but I’m finding the draws a challenge - is it something everyone has to work on? Particularly the faster timings. I’m not used to breathing from the diaphram, I has asthma as a kid and so I’m whats called a ‘top breather’ - I breathe using my chest more than anything, which then puts strain on the rib muscles and causes tightness and chest pains. At least that’s what the quacks tell me.

Also having an issue with single notes but this afternoon was better and more practice will make perfect. I’m finding the car is the best place to practice though - I feel very self-concious with the family around although this evening between the various youth group trips we have to do that write off Friday evenings, I had 20 minutes alone in the house so turned the amp on. Sounded horrible but it was fun so I Don’t CARE!!!

Yes sir Fj I hear you I’m right there with you.

Make sure you seal them lips around the hold your drawing on
and definitely practice will make perfect…

It’s a blast especially amplified harp.

Harp On!!

the way i learned to hit the single notes was by learning to play rocky top by tabs http://www.harptabs.com/song.php?ID=868 besides what i learned from jp on the site and from the dvds, being from tennessee the tune had been driven into my head from birth anyway.

get the tabs for an easy tune that you already have the melody committed to memory and let 'er rip.

The advice I got from JP concerning this problem after my surgery was to practice train rythems while lying down which naturally makes you use the diaphram and builds those muscles and muscle memory.
Everyone starts out shy and not wanting to play/practice where others can hear but just remember those others that cannot play the harp even a little are usually impressed… even if it’shot very good.

that was supposed to be- even if it’s not very good.

lol it is hard to type whilst harping ;D

yep! and I’m not the sharpest typest eather.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated. 8)

Youngest daughter (12) singing upstairs - ouch!

I work in IT so I should be a sharp typsist but I’m not - wifey is a trained touch-typist and can stare out the window, talk about the cooking, do the ironing and the shopping all whilst accurately typing very fast! She can’t play the harp though! ;D

I bet she has a hairbrush microphone up there ;D

Oh, I have photographic proof of that!

Just wait till her 16th birthday party! Mwahahahahahahahahaha…!