Draw reed length of hole 5 for Spec20 C harp

After opening the cover plate of my Spec20 C harp, I found the hole 5 draw reed is obviously shorter that the slot a bit by comparing with other slot. This does not happen on my D harp and A harp.

Normally, the reed length is about the length of the slot, right. Has anyone got the idea?

Thats kinda odd…have you compared it with any other C harps?


I have got only one C harp. But, by comparing with other keys, I could identify the length difference easily.

Out of curiosity, I just opened my Spec20 C and D.

I found no differences in the reed lengths on either.

So figuring you just have a manufacturing ‘nuance’ with your own harp, the question is:

Does the 5 Draw play ok?

If so, then it’s tuned properly; and no need to fret anymore over it.

And who knows, it just might make the 5 Draw Bend a little easier as well. But you’ll have to determine that for yourself!

Hope this helps!

Keep On Harpin’!

Thanks for your checking on your own harps, SPD~

I could play the hole 5 draw on my SP20 C harp in tune and bend it as well. So, I’m sure it is tuned properly.

I guess its just an oddity!

Peace Out!