Dropping Like Flies!


First we hear about Eddie Fisher:


Now today Tony Curtis:


Not to mention comedian Greg Geraldo kicking the bucket yesterday:


And word has that while Elizabeth Taylor is off selling some of her art collection:


Still, she may not be doing so hot either now.

If this trend continues, guess all those Celebrity Death Watch sites will be busy, eh?

Well, they’re all getting on in age, eh :slight_smile:
Tony Curtis was a class act, watching some of the old films like Some Like It Hot, etc shows what a good actor he was :slight_smile:

Along with Some Like It Hot and The Deviant Ones - My favorite TC movie is “Houdini” hands down.

I saw it several times on late night TV in my youth.

However, I also seem to recall two very distinct alternative versions to Houdini’s dying.

First version has him being punched in the stomach by a college kid when he wasn’t prepared for it; this then ruptures his appendix and he dies after failing to do the Water Torture Chamber illusion.

Second version has him walking into the hilt of a sword sticking out of a box. He bends over in pain while grabbing his stomach; but then he goes on to do the illusion as planned, and dies just the same.

Since I haven’t seen this movie in ages, and my searches on imdb.com don’t mention this anywhere - I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this movie, and what ending(s) they recall!


Well Greg Geraldo was in his 40s. But also his death ties in with the younger Brittany Murphy and her boyfriend, as well as Heath Ledger too!

Meaning: Apparently they all died from an accidental overdose of prescription meds while they were sick.

So makes you wonder just what the frig is in all those ‘hollyweird’ meds to begin with, eh?

He certainly was a prolific writer. I loved Rockford and the A-Team was just so left-field when it came out, brilliant. :wink:

“So makes you wonder just what the frig is in all those ‘hollyweird’ meds to begin with, eh?”

Michael Jackson springs to mind, there :-\

Mrs June Beaver Cleaver - R.I.P! :-*


Anyone besides me actually remember the original this:

Don’t remember the original, but I used to like Happy Days

Sad to hear about Tom Bosley, he was in loads of stuff, Father Dowling Mysteries, Murder She Wrote etc.

Not to mention all those SMC or whatever infomercials too!

If you’re into any of the trivia about Happy Days - just by observation - Harold Gould, the original father in the Love American Style segment was a big character actor for quite a long time.

Only here, his darker Italian/Jewish look didn’t quite cut it for show set in the midwest Wisconsin mostly whitish 50s. Relatively unknown Tom Bosley’s "portly Hugh “Ward Cleaver” Beaumont-style better fit the family profile! And the rest they say: Is history!

Surprising too though, that Mrs Cleaver and Mr C would go at the same time too, eh?!

RIP Both!

I remember the original and this dude too:


And who can’t forget the simplest yet coolest of all theme openings ever:

Hawaii Five 0 Intro

Aloha & RIP, Danno! :’(

Aloha & RIP, James! :-*

Jack Lord, coolest dude on the planet 8) 8)

“book him Danno” :wink: :wink:

I hear ya, H-Rod!

For me, the guy below was the coolest dude on the planet. Still is!

And don’t anybody ask for or about the best grooviest harp riffs ever in the second clip. I provided with you all the tabs I know. So you’re on your own from here. Enjoy!



Rockford Files Intro

Well this guy gotta come a close third!!

Magnum P.I. - Opening

When I was younger(much younger) people used to say I looked a lot like Tom Selleck, I asked the wife recently if she thought this so,
“No dear, more like Homer Simpson” she replied :-\ :-\

This from a guy who has Krusty the Clown as his signature pic?!

Methinks one or both needs their eyes checked out in that household…hehehe!

Close, bro, close ;D

Except for Caruso, Pavarotti and Sills – Was never much into opera. But perhaps some here are; and there’s nothing wrong with that! RIP Great Lady!

OK Five-0 was cool, but does anyone remember who was playing behind those horns on the theme music? They recorded it, but the production people added all the orchestration later.


Well according to a Wiki check, found this:

[i]Theme music:

Another legacy of the show is the popularity of the Hawaii Five-O theme music.[22] The tune was composed by Morton Stevens, who also composed numerous episode scores. The theme, which has been performed by The Ventures,[5] is particularly popular with college and high school marching bands, especially at the University of Hawaii where it has become the unofficial fight song. The tune has also been heard at Robertson Stadium after Houston Dynamo goals scored by Brian Ching, a native of Hawaii.

Although the theme is most widely known as an instrumental, it has been released with at least two different sets of lyrics. The first, by Don Ho, starts with the familiar tempo, then settles into a ballad style.[23] The second, by Sammy Davis, Jr., titled “You Can Count on Me (Theme from Hawaii Five-O)”, maintains the driving style of the original instrumental throughout.[24] The Radio Birdman version was called “Aloha, Steve & Danno”. [/i]

So I don’t know exactly whose behind the horns, per se. But the Ventures get the credits.

Of course as well, they did the following song with another group who recorded it also. Up to you to choose your favorite version on this one though:

The Ventures Live: Wipe Out / pixelmuttz.blogspot.com

yeah but somebody will probably miss “Bambi” i’m sure… :-\


Funny guy!!


“Airplane!” & “The Naked Gun” Tribute

Harp On!!