Dry lips

I’m in the early learning stage of playing and find that after moistening my lips they are dry after half a dozen bars (musical not beer).
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Rednblues from Oz

Are you sure you aren’t related to me?? You do/did the exact same thing I do when writing something - I’ll say something about OJ and I’ll say (the drink, not the murdering football player), or something about Coke and say (the drink, not that stuff that you snort although I can’t honestly say I haven’t “snorted” Coke before because I HAVE blown Coke (the drink) out of my nose when made to laugh before I swallow). LOL You’re the first person in my 52 years that I have seen that does that.

Now I’m waiting to see what good responses you get as I run into the same problem with my lips getting dry fast. I keep telling myself “JP says no lip balm or Vaseline. JP says no lip balm or Vaseline” and so far I’ve been able to keep myself from misbehaving but it’s been tough!! :slight_smile:

Nice ta meetcha!!