dumb question?

when i put the harmonica in my mouth with dentures in it gagas me…can a harmonical be played without choppers ;D

I hear the farther you can get it in your mouth the better! It has more to do with sealing the air to go thru the harp with the lips, using the bottom lip to form a “V” to play single notes, the tongue for articulation, tongue blocking and chords. I don’t think the teeth come into play! I don’t know my dentures are permanent.
So, what’s your “DUMB” question? ;D

that was it?

I’ve always been told the only “DUMB” question is the one not asked or the one that has already been answered! I don’t think I have seen this one!!! So I think it is a good question! Hope to hear more from you!
If you haven’t noticed I like exclamations!!!

You like exclamations???

Did you notice that I like question marks???


Sounds good???



I always say, there is no such thing as a dumb question, just a dumb answer. The above is good advice, I agree. If it is easier for you to play without the dentures then do it. Who cares? Just play the damn thing and enjoy the experience. If people judge you by your dental work then that is their problem not yours. IMHO I can see some advantages to NOT having teeth get in the way of my playing. Keep the deep, relaxed in mouth position and make that harp sing brother