ebay harp packs

Just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with any of the various harp packages (3,5, 7harps) available on ebay. Are they any good? Bad? I now have a Hohner C harp, and am thinking of adding other keys. Would I be better off buying single units at a music store? And which key(s) should I add first?

Just my personal views here: I’d stay away from Ebay. Unless it’s an actual music store like Musicians Friend or Coast-2-Coast, most of the harps are cheap tin made in China harps.

Not saying all are, most are.

Thing is, even if you buy off Amazon, more than likely you’ll end up at a music store too. So here are some of our other posts to help you with buying singles and sets:



Now those music stores aren’t the end-all, but you asked about experience. There are other places members have suggested. So hopefully they’ll help you here too!

As far as which harps you should buy?

Choice is in your hands alone! What you want to do. Your budget. Etc.

Good luck, Harpman!

Keep us posted!

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If you got a “C”, I would consider buying another one for a spare. Also my own opinion would be to buy a D, G, and an A.

I guess thats a good start then after a while fill it in and buy a case to keep them.

I like using,

They advertise lowest price guaranteed buy there all close I think in price. They usually have in stock and can ship same day.

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I have Bs, Es, Fs and Bbs in my sets.

They all play something different:


And yes, definitely, Joe’s suggestion also makes for a great start-up kit too!

Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Need all the help I can get!

Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated.

YW there, Harpman, anytime!!

Need all the help I can get!

I’m with you there too, amigo! Guess we came to the right place to get it then, eh?!

Keep onna’ harpin’!

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I am new to this forum…my first journey down the various postings. I do have to comment regarding this one though. All of my harps have been bought on eBay. I play Seydels and can vouch for both Rockin’ Ron and Eezyreeder. Both guys are straight up honest and will work with you to get you the harps you want in your set. If you are buying Seydel, Suzuki, or Hohner, give these guys a look.

Well hello there, Edward! Good to see that you made it over. I also can vouch for Rokin Ron, he a good guy. How has you gigs been doin’? Missed seeing/hearing you play. Welcome!

Hello, Tyson.

I really enjoyed the Red Wing video of Ludie and you. She seems like quite a lady and you blew me away with your stepping up to the mic to play Red Wing of all songs. Nice job!

The US Air Force birthday celebration was yesterday. I manned the piano and my wife led the singing during the program. I was suppose to play for 15 minutes or so prior to the program, but the main speaker was late so I ended up playing for about 40 minutes before the official program started. It was a good thing I brought extra music. It was a great time. My wife and I are planning on recording the Air Force anthem and posting it on YouTube. I will let you know when we post.

Now I am able to focus on having fun with the harp and the piano. Gigs take a lot out of me, but performing is something I want to do more often. The harp is for fun…the piano is my therapy. Praise God for music!

(Psst, hey, fellow harpsters & harpsterettes, you’re not going to believe this! But I’ve just seen Harmonica Santa! And his name is: EDWARD! ;))

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(Psst, hey, fellow harpsters and harpsterettes, you’re not going to believe this! I just saw Harmonica Santa! And his name is: EDWARD! Cool Beans, eh?! :))

Edward> good to see you here & to hear about your gig. A few of the old regulars from HA are posting here.

All of my harps have been bought on eBay.

Thanks Edward, for the info and fine review. It helps all of us to be informed while we comparison shop!

From Ebay last year, I actually purchased my ocarina from a fine gent in Canada; not to mention my beautifully shiny new trumpet complete with hard case and 5-year warranty from another great vendor as a Christmas present to myself! :smiley:

It pays to comparison shop, you bet!

I was on Amazon earlier this week looking for an accessory that Musicians Friend and others didn’t have. I stumbled across a Spec 20 C at a really good cost.

I called MFs and asked if they really will beat anybody’s price. They said yes.

As I’m a customer in good standing, and after a little wheeling and dealing, I got my Bb, Eb, and F Spec 20s to fill out my set at an incredible low rate!

They still didn’t have the accessory I wanted. So back at Amazon, the accessory bundled in with the Spec 20 C was an offer I couldn’t refuse! {You can never have enough Cs, eh? Especially for giving the gift of music to others and so forth…hehehe!}

Well the Amazon packages arrived today, and I couldn’t be happier!

Yes sir (and madam) it pays to comparison shop! :wink:


Keep on Harpin’!

Hi SANTA :smiley: I want a complete set of Seydels beta harp for Christmas from Ben Bouman and I want a roland cube amp and…

Oh it’s Ed from HA ;D You should change your handle to Santa :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey welcome and thanks for figuring out that key for me. I figured it out right exactly
how you taught I just counted up the scale the wrong way. DUH!! The Van BosCoe Software
is great tool for figuring out what Key the music is in and also for practice.

What do you think Ed can I do that Wayfaring tune and be able to change harps in the middle,
I got to try.

Good hearing from you.

Harp on!!