Eleanore Rigby on harp

I play a Hohner Orchestra in G and a Huang Jazz Harp in Ab

Eleanore Rigby’s Blues

Good job! Nicely done!

Bogdon man that was some mighty fine harpin.

Great job!!

How do you do that do you do it all by ear or do you learn it from tab
and add to it.

Really nice playing.

Harp On!!

ps how long have you been playing.

Man, That was great! Keep it up and post some more! ;D

Enjoyed that! Sounds really good.

Sigh - I have trouble just playing 3 Blind Mice and When the Saints…

Hey…don’t feel bad. There is a reason I have not posted any videos of me yet…a 17 year old guy struggling at a train whistle is not a pretty sight. :wink:

THANK YOU! i’m 52 years old and have been playing harp since i was 8. It’s an on-again/off-again thing for me. i’m quite sloppy at times and make song changes at will. Its all good fun! … oh yea…
i dont use tabs and never knew they even existed for harmonica til recently, I just kinda learn the song itself so that i can humm it, then i search for the harp that has the notes… usually i have to use 2 harps. I dont like the chromonica because i cant really get the chords out of it

WOW!! It’s a gift, and I’m sure some hard work…

Keep posting

Harp On!!

John & George are giving their thumbs up from that Rock & Roll Stage in the Sky!! :slight_smile:

“Have Harp(s), Will Travel!” 8)

i’ve concentrated on playing Bass for most of my life, i play a lil guitar and uke too which helps me learn songs, then play them on harp.

That’s cool! Two harps and all!!! Makin’ them changes must’ve taken alot of work. Are you accually playing them upside down?

yes, i started to play the harps that way as a kid and never played it any other way. I get cross eyed when i play harp and guitar at the same time. The high notes go in opposite directions ! LOL