Hi all
I’m brand new at this but I just wanted to ask all you experts out there a couple of things.I’ve been practising for a couple of weeks now, probably for about an hour a day.What I’m finding is that I start off with everything sounding and feeling fine but after a while I start to lose my Embouchure and by the end of a tune I’m playing on the outside of my lips and getting a poor sound.I know I’m just a real beginner and not trying to run before I can walk,but is this something that will just come to me in time.Does anyone have any tips to combat this.
One other thing.Can I ask those of you out there who have bought J Ps lessons how they’ve worked for you and if you recommend them.

Thanks alot

I’m certainly no expert–only been at it a few weeks like you. The good thing is you are realizing what you are doing and can correct it. I was having the same issue before finding JP’s lessons–tight pucker, and getting really tense an hour into my practice sessions. The books I was reading seemed to contradict themselves, telling me to pucker and also to put the harmonica deep in my mouth. I couldn’t figure out how to do both at the same time! Then I saw a JP video that made it clear how you only pucker with the lower lip. Ah-ha! What a revelation!

I bought JP’s current series (Happy Harpin’) and it has helped a lot. The thing about it is he takes you along in really small baby steps and he reminds you constantly about the deep relaxed mouth technique and shows you everything in great detail. He is also so upbeat and positive and reminds you to keep looking at your progress and not your failures. I’ve gotten a lot out of the video lessons and don’t regret buying them. In some ways it can almost seem too basic, but I would rather have too much detail than not enough and get into bad habits like I was doing before. You can always skip past the parts you know you have down-pat.

Thanks MeSue for taking the time
Really appreciated.